The Dashboard is a powerful tool to manage your fundraising campaigns. 

Topics Covered

  • Your Dashboard before you Publish
  • Your Dashboard after you  Publish
  • Editing Your Campaign Details
  • Additional Tools for Success: Schedules, Incentives, Milestones, Donors/Moderation Tools, Messages, and Overlays

Your Dashboard before you Publish

  • 1 - Dashboard - You are currently here! Displays your campaign information. 
  • 2 - Overview - Your command center for your campaign! Monitor all aspects here once published.
  • - Detail- Make edits to the details of your campaign. Name, Goal, Description, Avatar, Media type.
  • 4 - Incentives - Where you can create Milestones, Rewards that donors can claim for their donation, Polls they can vote on (using their donations), and Targets (Formerly known as Challenges) where donors can work together to unlock awesome content via their collective donations! Also, set your schedule items here!
  • 5 - Manage- Where you can read each donation (The name of the sender, message, amount, and incentive - if they redeemed any). Also, download a .csv to thank donors later.
  • - Messages - Where you can see any messages that might have been sent to you from a donor/viewer of your fundraiser.
  • - Overlays - Where you will find our Native Overlay Options for you to implement into your fundraiser.
  • 8 -  Publish Campaign - Turns on the campaign to be visible to the public so you can start fundraising and collect donations!
  • 9 - Preview, Copy Campaign URL, Copy Donate URL - See a preview of your campaign page before publishing, copy the campaign, and donate URLs to share with your donors. 
  • 10 -Checklist - Your first steps to making your campaign a success!

Your Dashboard after you Publish

Read and understand what happens once you publish your campaign. 

The Tiltify Campaign Overview page is your "command central" for running and monitoring your campaign. 

Customize this page with various panels crucial to your campaign's success:

- Add, Move and Remove panels
- Create new Incentives from the Overview page
- Read and monitor donations in realtime, click slow-down to read donations live!
- Review amount raised and progress towards goal
- Change over your media type from the drop menu

Editing Your Campaign via Detail

Items you can edit on your campaign: 

  • 1- Campaign Name: Adjust the campaign name.
  • 2 - Goal: Adjust your goal; cannot be lowered below the original goal. 
  • 3 - Support a Team Campaign: Find a supportable Team Campaign for the same charity/cause. 
  • 4 - Campaign Avatar: Adjust the campaign avatar.
  • 5 - Add/Edit Media Type: Add images, video, and livestream profiles.  
  • 6 - Description: Unique ID for this campaign. 
  • 7 - Publish/Unpublish: Here is where you publish, unpublish, and retire your campaign.

As long as your campaign has not raised any money, you can switch it from Published to Unpublished. If you need any of these campaign details modified but cannot switch to unpublished to do so, you can contact our support team by clicking the "Help!!" button in your user drop-down menu (top right).

Additional Tools for Success: Schedules, Incentives, Milestones, Donors/Moderation Tools, and Messages

Tiltify offers a ton of tools designed to enhance donor engagement and overall experience. These tools will help you raise more for the causes you love! While each tool will have its own article, here is a basic breakdown of what each tool is capable of:

  • Incentives: Rewards, Polls, and Targets are a great way for increasing donor engagement and increasing how much you fundraise during your campaign
    • Rewards can be used as a direct incentive, allowing you to provide a physical or digital reward for a donation - from giving out t-shirts to dancing the Macarena for 5 minutes, rewards are a great way to engage your community in a direct way.  You can review answers to questions from donors in the "Manage" tab via downloading the donor list. 
    • Polls can be used to allow those with the biggest hearts (and possibly wallets) to decide what happens at the end of the voting process. Choosing someone's hair color or determining whether or not pineapple on pizza is a sin can be completely decided by your community! More of a competitive type of individual? 
    • Targets (Formerly Known as Challenges) allows you to create unlocks for your community to work towards. Ever swear off a particular game, never to play it again? Create a target and see if your community is willing to pay to see it happen!
    • Milestones are significant fundraising achievements over the course of your campaign. Milestones are a great way to motivate your community in coming together to work towards those mini-goals as you approach your campaign's total goal - and it is always important, especially for marathon-type events, to carry additional milestones once you have passed your original goal.
    • Adding a Schedule will allow you to let your donors know when you are fundraising, having an event, and/or livestreaming. Are you planning a marathon stream involving multiple games or a fundraiser that spans over numerous days? The schedule will let your viewers know when and where to find you!

  • Messages Tab is a great way for viewers to contact you during your campaign. If they have a question about your fundraiser, but cannot seem to catch your attention in chat, they can send you a message by clicking the about button on the campaign page, followed by "Contact Us".

  • Manage your donations and donors Messages are messages left on donations made by your donors. They can be seen in 3 different places: on the campaign overview page, on the Manage tab on the campaign page (which is public/can be viewed by anyone), and the Donors tab on your campaign dashboard. Under the Donors tab, in particular, is where you will also find your Moderation Tools so you can control what messages can/cannot be seen on the public donation page. While our system heavily censors expletives etc. sensitive information can slip through - so use the moderation tools on this page to make sure you have control of your donation page! You can also find the standalone Donation Viewer here. You can copy the link and put it in another browser window, or provide it to you mods so they can say when rewards are redeemed!

  • Overlays allow you to display your fundraising progress, live, and onscreen! A couple of clicks and you will be able to add our Donation Bar to the top or bottom of your screen, so viewers will not only know who you're raising money for, but how much has been raised, how much you plan to raise, and all of the amazing milestone activities you plan on doing along the way :)


Your campaign dashboard is home to all of our tools that can turn your humble fundraiser into a massive juggernaut of an event! But, as always, quantity isn't everything. You know your communities the best, so use our tools accordingly to maximize your awesomeness!

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