The days of wondering if a donation received means eating a bug or sending a hand drawn picture are over! With our Standalone Donation Viewer, you and your mods can see the donations as they come in, the amount given, and the rewards redeemed!


  • Accessing the Donation Viewer
  • Features of the Donation Viewer
  • Conclusion 


Accessing the Donation Viewer

  1. Go to your user dashboard.
  2. Select the campaign you’re wanting to view.
  3. Select “Manage”.
  4. Click on the “copy donation viewer url” button at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Paste the URL in a new window or share with your mods to keep track of donations as they are received!

Features of the Donation Viewer

  1. Highlight donations over – This will allow donations over a certain amount to be highlighted blue. This can be used to highlight high dollar donations for special recognition, or set it to highlight over $10 and see all those $5 spicy beans in the sea of $10+ donations!
  2. Name – This will display the name of the donor. This will list what they put as their display name. It will also say anonymous so their secret identity isn’t revealed to the world, at least until they take off the glasses.
  3. Amount – Amount donated. That’s it...That’s the post.
  4. Time – This will show when the donation was received. If you want to have a “parade of donors” while ending your stream, you can use this to determine who donated while you were online.
  5. Comment – This will display any comments that the donor post. If there are any inappropriate comments listed, you do have the ability to hide them using the moderate button in the manage section of the campaign dashboard.
  6. Reward – This will list any rewards redeemed. There’s no guessing if there was cozy gift redeemed, even if they donor increased the amount donated.



The Standalone Donation Viewer is a helpful tool to help easily keep track of donations while you are streaming. This will be something that you and your mods can use during your streams. Never question a donation received again!


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