Incentives are a great way to encourage your community to donate to your campaigns! In this article, we will be covering Rewards and how they can have an impact on your fundraising campaign!


What are Rewards?

Rewards are incentives that you can provide to your community when they individually donate a specified amount to your campaign. Similar to purchasing a product online, they can view your rewards, chooses the one they want, donate the specified amount (or more - we won't complain about more money going to charity) and then it will be on you, the fundraiser, to fulfill the reward! 

Types of Rewards

There are two types of Rewards: Virtual and Product. Virtual Rewards refer to the types of rewards that can be fulfilled without physically sending them to someone. These rewards can range from consuming a BeanBoozled Jelly Bean during your livestream to doing a 1-minute dance party to celebrate the donation. As long as you can fulfill the reward without additional interactions with the donor, it will fall under a Virtual Reward. 

Product Rewards are rewards that require physical shipment of an item to a location (typically to the donor themselves). This includes sending out personalized keychains or thank-you cards or t-shirts/other products you create yourself. Please keep in mind that Reward Fulfillment is your responsibility - if you agree to send something to a donor, it is not the responsibility of Tiltify to execute that for you.

Creating a Reward

When you are in your campaign dashboard, navigate to the Incentives tab, and select the "Rewards" tab. Click the Add Reward button to create a reward.

Reward Overview

- Name of the Reward.
- Donation Amount: Amount donor needs to donate in order to receive this reward.
- Description: Details about this reward and how to redeem/receive if necessary.
- Quantity - How many rewards are available, leave blank is unlimited.
- Start/End Dates: Create a start date to unlock this reward at a certain time, or an end date to make it unavailable after a certain time.
- Image: Add an image for the reward.
- Shipping Details and Additional Question: Request shipping information if this reward needs to be sent to the donor. Add an additional question if needed (Username, Steam ID, for digital code delivery, for example). You can find donor details for reward fulfillment on the donor report. 

Once you save your Reward, be sure to remember to activate it when you are ready, and check the Promoted option next to any rewards you want to be pinned to the top of your list of rewards! You can also edit the Reward if changes are needed.

Your rewards will appear in the list of options to select when donor makes a donation!


Rewards are an excellent way to engage your community and encourage donations to your campaign! Providing rewards of all levels - from small donations to gigantic ones - is a great way to enforce the idea that every little bit counts, so try your best to come up with rewards at all sorts of levels to maximize the potential of your fundraiser!

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