Donor messages can be seen by both the campaign organizer and the general public. Because of this, you should be aware of the Moderation Tools we have in place so you can better protect your campaign and the positive message we're sure you want to convey.

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Where Can Donor Messages be Seen?

There are three places donor messages can be seen Campaign Overview page, Manage Tab, Public Donation Page:

1. Campaign Overview page: Once your campaign is live, your Campaign Overview will transform into a command center for your campaign, including donations and messages from donors - that way, the moment you click on your overview page, you'll be given the information you're probably looking for while you're live!

2. The Manage tab of your Campaign Dashboard: The Mange tab of your Campaign Dashboard is the best place to view donations as it contains a plethora of information you might need in order to run both a smooth and effortless fundraiser! 

On this page, you will not only see the donation amounts, usernames, and comments updated in real time, but you also have the option to hide donation messages using the Moderate bubble (just click it and it will remove the message from public view - click it again to reveal it) as well as what incentive - if any - was redeemed by their donation! 

This is also the place where you can download a xlsx or CSV file of all of the donations made to your campaign. This is great for bookkeeping or retrieving shipping addresses (as long as you requested them for your rewards) as this is the only place sensitive data such as personal information will be found.

There is a Standalone Donation Viewer available at the bottom of the page. Clicking the “copy donation viewer url” button will copy a link that can be pasted into any browser window to keep track of donations while you are streaming. This can also be provided to you mods so they can help keep track of the donations that are received.

3.Public Donation Tab on the Campaign Page: The final place you can view donations is the public donations tab on your campaign page, which can be seen by anyone. It includes the top singular donation and an indicator on the right-hand to note whether that donation redeemed a reward or went towards a poll/target. 

While our donation system does have a built-in censoring system for profanity, there can be times where sensitive or unwanted comments can still be posted here. For those reasons, we encourage you to make use of our...

Moderation Tools: Hiding Unwanted Messages

Going back to the Manage tab on your Campaign Dashboard, each donation has a "Moderate" bubble next to it. Clicking this bubble will remove the donation message and change the name to anonymous on the donation in real time, which will also be reflected on the public donations tab! You can reveal the donation again at any time by clicking the Moderate bubble again - or you can view the donation in the xlsx or CSV download.


Being aware of how to moderate your donor messages is super important - so make sure you know how to properly handle these unwanted comments and maintain a positive environment for your fundraiser!

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