Milestones are markers, or sub-goals, to bring attention to certain points of progress on your fundraising journey.  You can celebrate 50% of your goal by eating hot sauce or singing a show tune - or, like the example above, you can set milestone goals at multiple intervals so they can act as stepping stones towards your ultimate goal! When you are fundraising as part of a Charity's fundraising event, the charity also may provide optional milestones you can add to your campaign for extra impact! Milestones are an easy way to bring hype and attention to your community as you climb to the top of your goal!


Create a Milestone

Navigate to the Incentives tab on your Campaign Dashboard and click the Milestones tab on the right.

Select Add Milestone then enter in the details, keeping in mind that if your milestone exceeds your goal, it will automatically increase the goal to that amount when you switch the status to Active!

View your Milestone(s)

Once you add milestones they will appear as bubbles in your donation bar on the campaign page where people can hover over and see - and the next milestone goal in particular will be shown right under that same donation bar.

You can also see a list of all milestones by clicking on the "view all milestones" link.

Going further

Met your goal?  Want to keep going to see how far your community can carry you?  Add a new milestone past your original goal to act as a stretch goal.  These should be goals you’d normally “never” do so they can act as the ultimate “if you really want it, you gotta dig deep and support” rewards that the entire community can work towards.

Using our Compact Overlay will also add a little more spice towards your milestone climbing ways - As you approach various milestones(within 10% of hitting the milestone), this overlay will remind donors that they are close to hitting that goal! 

This is a great way to encourage donations while also keeping it subtle (or not-so-subtle depending on your approach to fundraising) that you're close to hitting that achievement in your fundraising efforts :)


Milestones are a great way to make the journey to your fundraising goal more engaging.  Remember to always have fun and only offer Milestones you are ready to complete because your community will surprise you!

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