Incentives are a great way to encourage your community to donate to your campaigns! In this article, we will be covering polls, how to set them up, and how to maximize their effectiveness for your fundraiser.


What are Polls?

Polls allow you to harness the power of democracy by letting the donations do the talking. By creating a poll, you put the power in the collective hands of the donors and could result in a different hairstyle, color, or "delicious" food you might have to consume at the end of your campaign. 

Creating a Poll

After navigating to the Incentives tab in your Campaign dashboard, click on the "Polls" column, then "Add poll".

Choose a name for your poll (1) and the options (2) for your donors to vote on. Polls can have a maximum of 5 options, but best practices have shown that limiting the options to 2 can wield a much more aggressive "back and forth" donation war (for a good cause!)

Keep in mind that any incentive must be activated before they can be seen by your donors - so use the Active section on the right-hand side of your list of polls to activate it!

Active polls can be monitored on the Campaign Overview page! See how your community is using their donations across all your incentives, live!

Best Practices

Polls have the potential to create donation wars like no other - those that choose to defend the honor of having pineapple on pizza, for example, will be met equally by those that swear on their cheese-only ways of life. A couple of trends we have noticed over the years when it comes to the successful use of polls include:

  • Keep it simple: while we offer 5 options for your poll, it doesn't mean you HAVE to use all 5 spots! In most polls, the top 2 choices will have a clear tussle while the remaining 2-3 options will fall flat pretty quickly. While it opens the door for a gigantic donation to take the lead out of nowhere, polls are much better at generating a back and forth tussle than our other tools, so consider taking advantage of it!
  • Put your stomach on the line: the consumption of "disgusting" foods is always a highly sought after incentive, and while this is typically reserved for the use of milestones, polls can draw the line between those that love you and those that just want to see you suffer. Having a poll that'll have you either eat a pineapple pizza or a sardine sandwich might seem like a win/win for your community, but if you are a person of class (aka. those that enjoy pineapple on pizza), then of course you're cheering of a particular option to win the vote! But it's the donors with the biggest wallets that'll decide your fate in the end.
  • Create Polls because... why not?: With our new Donation Flow on Tiltify, donors can redeem a reward AND donate towards your poll! Because of this, Polls have seen a ton more engagement - so while donors can specifically support a poll, you will now garner the support from those donating for rewards as well!


Polls are a great way to get your donors involved - especially if you are looking for a way to enforce the idea that "every dollar counts". In the world of Polls, every dollar DOES count and could be the difference between eating a pineapple pizza or a sardine sandwich, so if you think your community would love a friendly game of tug-o-war, polls might be the best tool for you to use in your upcoming campaign!

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