First, you will need to create a Tiltify account.  After you have done that please continue!

Congratulations on successfully creating your Tiltify account! But now it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty: starting your first individual campaign! The first one is always the most difficult since it will be your first time interacting with our dashboard and trying to figure out where everything is - but once you are settled in, your future campaigns will be a breeze!


Where to Start

You can start your first campaign from a number of places:

  • Your Campaign Dashboard select "create new campaign"
  • Any Cause landing page
  • Any Ongoing Event page
  • Team campaign pages with the support campaign option

Initial Campaign Details

For this article, we will cover creating individual campaigns. For instructions on creating a Team campaign or a Supporting campaign, click the links below for instructions:

  • Team campaign is meant for those looking to create a team campaign or initiative that will allow for multiple individuals to fundraise under their event. 
  • Supporting campaign allows you to create your campaign in support of a team campaign.


To begin, click the 'Create new campaign' button in the Campaigns section of your dashboard.

Choosing your Cause

The first thing you will have to choose is a Cause unless you are coming from a Cause, Event or supportable campaign page. You will see there are numerous causes you can choose from! You can search by name or type of cause. Once you have found the cause you want to fundraise for, click on it.

In some cases, causes will have ongoing events that you can be part of! If you wish to be part of a particular event, click on the corresponding event. If not, click on "skip" to begin filling out your initial campaign details.

Customizing Your Campaign

To create an individual campaign, select the Individual option.

Depending on the cause/event, some campaigns may have a "type". These types offer a way to categorize and customize the creation of the campaign. Celebration, Memorial and Creative are some examples of they types of campaigns types you can choose. All features are available for all types, these options just give you a particular template most relevant to the "type" of campaigns. For a guide to set up a Fitness campaign, use the link below to go to the Fitness campaign guide.

Fitness- Help raise money while tracking your progress of your runs, walks, workouts, cycling, and more against your fitness goals.

Once you have selected a cause and event/campaign type, you will be asked a series of questions about your campaign, including:

Campaign Name (What are you calling your campaign/event?)

Campaign URL (What will the link look like for your campaign page?)
Campaign Description (You are you fundraising?)

Next you can select a media type.  It's not required so you can just click on skip if you want to set this part up later. Depending on your cause the possible media types are:

  • Livestream 
  • Video 
  • Image (.jpg, .jpeg or .png)

Lastly, set your Campaign Goal (What is your goal amount you want to raise?) - This amount can be changed after your campaign is created, but we suggest making this amount achievable.  You can always raise your campaign goal, but not lower it.

Event Registration 

Some Events require registration details so you may need to fill out additional information to register for an Event. Depending on the event, you may be asked to provide an address, your DOB, a phone number, etc. This information is requested by the cause for the event registration. Some causes may have a regististration fee.

Campaign Summary

Once these questions are filled out, you will be given a chance to review all of the details before officially creating your campaign!

Once you click "Create", you will be sent to the campaign dashboard, only steps away from actually starting your fundraiser! If you are ready to publish your campaign right away, click "Create & Publish" and your campaign will be live!

If your campaign is supporting an event, it's possible that you won't be able to publish your campaign right away if the event hasn't started yet and you'll see a message with when you'll be able to publish your campaign.

The Campaign Dashboard - An Overview

To access your Campaign Dashboard, go to the Individuals section and click on the campaign you'd like to manage.

The Campaign Dashboard is where the magic happens. From this page, you are able to edit your campaign details, increase your initial fundraiser goal amount, change event dates, generate a schedule, create donation incentives, milestones, polls, targets, read donor messages, and also contact us via the support button in case anything breaks! That is a TON of information to cover, which is why we've written its own article here. If you just want to get your donation link live - clicking the "Publish" button in the top right will activate your campaign and provide you with a donation link.


Congratulations on creating your first campaign! Whether you spent the time to go through all of our tools, overlays, and integrations, or just wanted to get your donation link live and functional, you've just completed your very first (of hopefully many) charity campaigns! While we aren't your parents, we do believe that the tools we offer are a great way in engaging your communities and receiving more donations - so make sure to review the following links to up your fundraising game:

Create An Account

Additional Resources > 

Download the "Getting Started" guide below. 

Download the "Streaming 101" guide below.

Want to find other people fundraising with Tiltify? Head over to our official Discord!

Need to start your fundraising journey? Head to to create your first campaign and support the cause you care about today!