Creating a team opens up many more opportunities to fundraise in new and exciting ways.  Have a group of friends that all want to collaborate on a single campaign?  Want to start a campaign and have other fundraisers support you with their own campaigns?  Teams are the solution for you.


Create your team

It's just a few quick and easy steps to create a team! First, you'll want to navigate to teams dashboard. From your Dashboard, click on Teams.

Once you are in the Teams dashboard, click the [Create new team +] button.

Now it's time to name your team. Make sure to give your team a unique name. Fill out the fields to create your team. The Team description is to provide more information about your team. There is also options to add an avatar image for your team and to make the team public or private. Don't worry, you can update this later if you want to switch.

Once you've filled out the name and description, click the [Next] button to move on to the next step: adding your team's social links! Click the [Create team] button to finish creating your team



You can make your team private by hiding the join button from the Team profile page. Go to the Team Profile tab of your team, select the bubble next to the Private option, and click the [Save changes] button to make your team Private. You can still invite team members via email on the Members tab.

Invite Teammates

After creating a team, you can invite team members.  From the team dashboard, click on Team from the team list, then click on Members in the navigation tab. Click the [Generate invite link] button to create a custom invite URL you can share with anyone you want to add to your team. 

A few things to note about the team invite link:

  • This invitation URL can be shared with any potential team member to join your team. It will prompt them to log-in or create an account (if they do not have one) and add them to your team.
  • The invitation URL can be revoked. Once revoked, the URL cannot be used. You can create another invite if needed, each link is unique. Simply click the [Revote invite link] button in the Members tab of your Team dashboard to revoke the invite link.
  • Once your team is complete, revoke any active URL to avoid unexpected members (if private).

Make the dream work, with teamwork!

You can now manage your team for fundraising success! Here are some ways to get things started!

  • If live-streaming, encourage the use of the Team Overlay to track and display the performance of everyone's fundraising!
  • Determine the length of the campaign! Is it a weekend of fundraising or are you fundraising throughout the year! Having a certain day is a powerful way to create a sense of urgency. 
  • Gather your contact lists and send emails, make social media posts in order to let people know about what you’re doing.
  • Connect with the charity you are supporting to see if they have assets to show why you are looking for support. 
  • Inquire at your school, place of worship, place of work, or community center to see if they are interested in joining your team. 
  • Check to see if your employer provides matching gifts for donations made. 
  • Donate to yourself to get things started and encourage your teammates to do the same! Get that donation train moving!
  • Set-up awards and shout-outs for teammates that hit goals. 
  • Touch base regularly with your team with any updates or encouraging messages about the impact they have on the cause!
  • Celebrate post-campaign and give your team members a recap of their fundraising performance! 


Teams have a great potential to expand your fundraising potential and bring your community together for great causes on Tiltify.  Setting a team up is easy, it's up to you what you do with it.

Want to find other people fundraising with Tiltify? Head over to our official Discord!

Need to start your fundraising journey? Head to to create your first campaign and support the cause you care about today!