You can create a team > invite team members > create a team campaign. 


You can create a team > team campaign > make it "supportable" for individuals (team members or otherwise) to participate. 

The Details:

There are a couple different ways to allow others to participate in a campaign.  Both involve creating a Team.  In order to do this, you first need to create a Team.  Create your first team by going to the Teams section on the dashboard and selecting Create Team.

Once you create a Team you can customize it from Team Edit.

Now you have a couple options.  

  1. You can Invite people to join the team.  There are 3 types of users on a team: Owner(you), manager and member.  Owners and Managers can create and manage campaigns so be sure you trust anyone you make a manager.  This method allows you to have one campaign that is manageable by other users.  One limitation is you can only have one stream active on the page at a time.   After you create the team you can start a campaign the is run under your team by following the start a campaign process and selecting campaign type 'team' instead of 'individual'. 
  2. The other option is if you want to have a bunch of individual campaigns support your team campaign.  Meaning their individual campaigns add to the total of the team campaign.  After you create the team, you would start a team campaign as described above.  After you create the Team campaign you will see an option to make it supportable on the Campaign edit dashboard.  By turning it on, a button will then be visible for others to support your campaign by creating their own campaigns in support of your Team.