If you are the leader of a team/organization, creating a team campaign will allow you to have representation in large scale fundraising events on Tiltify! This article will outline how to create a team campaign! Please note that this article will have many parallels to our Supportable Team Campaign tutorial - so feel free to reference that article for additional information.


Creating a Team

While you can create a team while creating your team campaign, it is much easier to create the team first so you have it set the way you like!

Start off by logging in, navigating to your teams tab on the top of the navigation bar, and clicking "Create New Team".

Once you create your team, you will be able to customize your team, including the name, biography, thumbnail, and all of the channels that represent the organization. After hitting save, your team will be available when creating your team campaign.

Creating your Team Campaign

Team campaigns can be created for any cause on our platform - so if you are looking to create a campaign under the team's name, you can do that! However, for some causes, there are major fundraising events that will include leaderboards and possibly prizes, which is where you will want to not only create a team campaign, but a supportable team campaign for individuals to represent. For more information on how to create a supportable team campaign, refer to this article.

After creating your Team, go to the teams Dashboard and select the Campaigns tab, then select "Create a new campaign"

Choosing your Cause

The first thing you will have to choose is a Cause. You will see there are numerous causes you can choose from! You can search by name or type of cause. Once you have found the cause you want to fundraise for, click on it.

In some cases, causes will have ongoing events that you can be part of! If you wish to be part of a particular event, click on the corresponding event. If not, click on "skip" to begin filling out your initial campaign details.

Customizing Your Campaign

Once you have selected a cause and event (if applicable), you will be asked a series of questions about your campaign, including:

  • Campaign Name (What are you calling your campaign/event?)
  • Campaign Goal (What is your goal amount you want to raise?) - This amount can be changed after your campaign is created, but we suggest making this amount achievable.  You can always raise your campaign goal, but not lower it. 
  • Campaign URL (What will the link look like for your campaign page?) 
  • Campaign Description (You are you fundraising?)
  • Campaign Avatar (optional)

The final step to creating your team campaign is assigning roles to team members. This is optional, but if you have members who will help moderate or manage your team campaign, you can assign them here. 

Coordinators can edit overview details, manage incentives, manage designs, and have moderator access.
Moderatorscan moderate donations and have access to the advanced dashboard.
Members can have one or both of these roles. 

Team Campaign Overview

Once you click "Create", you will be sent to the campaign dashboard, only steps away from actually starting your fundraiser! You have customization options that are available if you want to further customize your campaign. If you are ready to publish your campaign right away, click "Publish Team Campaign" and your campaign will be live!


Creating team campaigns are a great way of showing your team pride during major fundraising events like #StJudePLAYLIVE and GuardianCon! Whether you decide to fundraise from the same team campaign or create supportable campaigns in benefit of the team, just know that your charitable efforts are greatly appreciated.

Want to find other people fundraising with Tiltify? Head over to our official Discord!

Need to start your fundraising journey? Head to Tiltify.com to create your first campaign and support the cause you care about today!