If you are the leader of a team/organization, creating a team campaign will allow you to have representation in large scale fundraising events on Tiltify! This article will outline how to create a team campaign! Please note that this article will have many parallels to our Supportable Team Campaign tutorial - so feel free to reference that article for additional information.

Topics Covered

  • Creating a Team
  • Creating your team campaign

Creating a Team

While you can create a team while creating your team campaign, it is much easier to create the team first so you have it set the way you like!

Start off by logging in, navigating to your teams tab on the left-hand navigation bar, and clicking "Create Team".

On this page you will be able to customize your team, including the name, biography, thumbnail, and all of the channels that represent the organization. After hitting save, your team will be available when creating your team campaign.

Creating your Team Campaign

Team campaigns can be created for any cause on our platform - so if you are looking to create a campaign under the team's name, you can do that! However, for some causes, there are major fundraising events that will include leaderboards and possibly prizes, which is where you will want to not only create a team campaign, but a supportable team campaign for individuals to represent. For more information on how to create a supportable team campaign, refer to this article.

After finding the cause you want to fundraise for, click on "team" and choose the team.

Proceed through the on-screen instructions, which will ask for your campaign name/URL, description and fundraising goal. For some major fundraising events, they might require you to register some personal information - this is for shipping purposes in case you win any prizes during your fundraiser.


Make sure to review your campaign before creating it. You will see the team you selected under Your Campaign. After creating your campaign, your campaign dashboard will look similar to an individual campaign's dashboard. Check out this article on creating your first fundraising campaign for more information. 


Creating team campaigns are a great way of showing your team pride during major fundraising events like #StJudePLAYLIVE and GuardianCon! Whether you decide to fundraise from the same team campaign or create supportable campaigns in benefit of the team, just know that your charitable efforts are greatly appreciated.