If you are the leader of a team/organization and would like to be represented during major fundraising events on Tiltify such as #StJudePLAYLIVE or GuardianCon, creating a supportable team campaign will allow you to do so! By creating a supportable team campaign, you will enable members of your organization to create individual fundraisers in support of that team campaign, counting towards the team total and allowing you to raise to the top of the leaderboards!

Topics Covered

  • Creating a Team
  • Creating your team campaign
  • Enabling supporting campaigns
  • Creating individual supporting campaigns

Creating a Team

While you can create a team while creating your team campaign, it is much easier to create the team first so you have it set the way you like!

Start off by logging in, navigating to your teams tab on the top of the navigation bar, and clicking "Create A Brand New Team".

Once you create your team, you will be able to customize your team, including the name, biography, thumbnail, and all of the channels that represent the organization. After hitting save, your team will be available when creating your team campaign.

Creating your Team Campaign

Team campaigns can be created for any cause on our platform - so if you are looking to create a campaign under the team's name, you can do that! However, for some causes, there are major fundraising events that will include leaderboards and possibly prizes, which is where you will want to not only create a team campaign, but a supportable team campaign for individuals to represent.

After creating your team, go the team's dashboard and select "Campaigns"

Then select "Create a new campaign".


Find the cause/charity you want to support > select "Team" > select the team you want to create the campaign for > complete campaign details. 

Make sure to review your campaign before creating it. You will see the team you selected under Your Campaign. After creating your campaign, your campaign dashboard will look similar to an individual campaign's dashboard. Check out this article on creating your first fundraising campaign for more information. 

Enabling Supporting Campaigns

Once you have created your team campaign, your campaign dashboard will look the same as if you were creating an individual campaign. One of the few differences is under Detail, where you will have an option to choose if this campaign is supportable by others. 

Select this option if you wish to allow others to create individual campaigns to support this team campaign; you can also limit the support of the campaign to team members, restricting it to those you have already approved to represent your team on Tiltify. 

Either way, by enabling supporting campaigns via "Supportable," their total amounts raised will also be represented in your team total.

Please note: you must have your team campaign published before anyone can create a supportable campaign for it.

Creating Individual Supporting Campaigns

Once a team campaign is created and has supporting campaigns enabled, there are a couple of different ways individuals can create a supporting campaign for your event. 

By "Create a Campaign"

The cause the supportable team campaign was created for will have a new option when creating a campaign called "Support". When clicking this option and choosing your team campaign, it will link their new campaign directly to that team! Proceed through the on-screen instructions as normal and you are good to go!

By "Support Campaign" Button

Another option is to direct individuals to the team's campaign page - just below the media/image, it will list all of the current supporting campaigns as well as a "Support Campaign" button. Clicking this button will redirect them to create a campaign, except it will already be in support of your team campaign.

By Campaign Dashboard

In some cases, the team campaign you want to support is not created at the time of your campaign creation - ie. for St. Jude PLAY LIVE, the registration page for their prize season opens many weeks prior to the start of fundraising and sometimes teams are not created right away. 

For those cases, you can create an individual campaign first, set up your rewards, milestones, etc. and can even fundraise right away! When the team campaign is finally created, you can connect your individual campaign via your dashboard by navigating to Campaigns > Details > Supporting a Team Campaign*

*As long as you are not already supporting a team campaign (and the team campaign is for the same charity), you can add your individual campaign as a supporting campaign!


A little bit of fundraising competitiveness and camaraderie can bring out the best in some communities so consider working alongside other content creators or friends to create a fundraising effort for your team today!