You can easily view and manage your donations from the Donation section of your Dashboard. You can even reclaim donations made while you were logged out of your account in the Reclaim Donations section!



The Donations sections is where you can find and review all your donations made on Tiltify. Please be aware that you must be logged into your account at the time of your donation for the donation to be trackable in your account.

Matching Donations

You are able to see any donation matches you created. It shows what the challenge amount was, how much was matched, and your final donation from the challenge.

Monthly Donations

In this section, you can Review and update all your monthly donations made on Tiltify.


Need to view all the donations you made in a year? The Reporting area is where you can download a report in either xlsx or csv format.

Claim Donations

You can connect those donations made when you weren’t logged in to your Tiltify account! You can use the donation claim tool to reclaim donations, and even alternate email addresses you may have! You can only reclaim donations under one email address per day. 


The Donations section is a convenient way to keep track of what, who, and when you donated to a campaign.

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