Tiltify offers an account Hub for donors to make sure their donations have processed, view/edit their information, and so much more!



Donor Hub

This is your one stop shop for navigating your donor account. You can access any area of your account from the Hub or by selecting the My Account section from the dropdown in the upper right corner.

My Account

You can access the My account section from the dropdown in the upper right corner. In my account you can update/view personal information, donations, donation methods, connected an account such as Twitch, Strava, or Discord, view your message center, and become a fundraiser!


The Account section contains your personal account information.  This information is private and not displayed anywhere on the public side of Tiltify. This is also where you would reset your password or delete your account.

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You can easily view and manage your donations from this section.  For more information about the donations section, see: Donations

Connected Accounts

Review your Single Sign-on accounts, any applications using Tiltify's API, and other third-party applications (StreamElements). Graphical user interface, application, Word

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Messaging center

View and manage your messages on Tiltify. Use email frequency under settings to control how often you receive a digest of all messages on Tiltify.


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Donation Methods

You can easily view and manage your donation methods from this section. Currently, you have the options to add credit cards or a US bank account to use for making donations. 

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If you have created many Amplify links for campaigns, they will appear here. You can also see the impact your links have created.


Having confirmation for your donations is a convenient way to keep track of what, who, and when you donated to a campaign. For more information on the user dashboard, take a look at these articles:

My Account

Public Profile

Dashboard Overview

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