Tiltify now offers a way for donors to make sure their donations have processed. There is, also, now a process for reclaiming donations that may have been made offline or using a different email address.



  • Donations Emails
  • Introduction to reclaiming donations
  • Reclaiming donations


Donation Emails

No longer do you have to worry if your donation has been received. Whenever you make a donation on Tiltify, you will receive a donation confirmation email. This email will list the amount donated, the charity, the campaign, and any incentives. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A RECEIPT! If you need a donation receipt, you will still need to either contact your payment processor or the charity to receive it.

Introduction to reclaiming donations

Rejoice, for now, you can connect those donations made when you weren’t logged in to your Tiltify account! You can use the donation reclaim tool to reclaim donations made while offline, even alternate email addresses you may have! You can only reclaim donations under one email address per day. 

Reclaiming donations

  1. Go to your user dashboard
  2. Go to “My account”
  3. Select “Donations”
  4. On the left, select “Reclaim donations”
  5. Enter the email address for the donations you wish to reclaim and click “reclaim donations”
  6. Go to the email account that was entered and follow the prompts.


Having confirmation for your donations is a convenient way to keep track of what, who, and when you donated to a campaign. For more information on the user dashboard, take a look at these articles:

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