Splitmedialabs have created a more compact and simpler way to broadcast your live gameplay via XSplit Gamecaster! This walkthrough will show you how to properly set up our overlays in Gamecaster.

Topics Covered

  • Create a Web Page URL source
  • Find your Overlay URL

Create a Webpage URL source

 On the scene you wish to add our overlay to, click on "Edit"

  Followed by "Add Widget"

Under "General", choose "Web Page" and click "Add Widget"

Find Your Overlay URL

We currently have 3 overlays for you to choose from and can be found under your Campaign Dashboard --> Overlay:

Compact Overlay: The URL should look something like https://overlay.tiltify.com/@USERNAME/CAMPAIGN-NAME/overlay and looks something like this: 

Original Overlay: The URL should look something like https://tiltify.com/events/CAMPAIGN-NAME/overlay/dashboard and looks something like this:

Overlay 2.0: The URL should look something like https://tiltify.com/@USERNAME/CAMPAIGN-NAME/overlay and should look something like this: 

No matter which overlay you choose, you will want to copy the Overlay URL and paste it as your Web Page URL.

From here, you can drag the corners to make the overlay fit on the screen. 

For the Classic and 2.0 overlays, they are designed to stretch across the entire screen and can be placed at the top or bottom of your broadcast - whereas the compact overlay sits in the top middle.

For the compact overlay, make sure you give a bit of padding under the overlay (100px) as it does animate downwards when you are approaching a milestone!


Our built-in overlays are a great start for any fundraiser to have - but there are other options for you to use to really enhance your fundraising game! Make sure to check out all of our integration articles here to see the latest tools that are available to you!