When it’s time to keep track of your fundraising efforts, past present, and future, the Campaign section of your user dashboard will be your home. When you land in the campaign section, you will be greeted with a screen that looks like this below. You can see how much you’ve raised total, how many campaigns you’ve published, average per published campaign, and your achievement! Campaign creating can start from here, as well as selecting an already created campaign to edit. This article will discuss the donations and messaging sections of your campaign dashboard!


Donations: List and Details (1)



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The donations that have been given towards your campaign will be listed here. You are able to search for a donation by donor name, and you can see the comment, donation amount, date donated, and if the donor redeemed any incentives. If there is a donor name or comment that may be less than proper, the moderate selector will make the donor name anonymous and remove the comment from public view. Also, by clicking “view details”, you can see a more detailed view of the donation, including which target, poll option, and reward was redeemed. (Note: the ID in the details can be a major help if you have something for support that need addressed).

Export Donations (2)

The export donations options will create a report for your campaign. These reports also contain transaction IDs, which can be used to identify donations and address any potential issues involving a particular one. These exported donations can be downloaded as a csv or a xlsx file, depending on your preference.

Standalone Donation Viewer (3)

Just like the donation list above, the standalone donation viewer can be used as a method of keeping track of your donations outside of your campaign dashboard. With our Standalone Donation Viewer, you and your mods can see the donations as they come in, the amount given, and the rewards redeemed! This URL is sharable and can also be used as a browser source in your favorite streaming software. By selecting the donation row, it will provide more details for the donation. Donations can also be highlighted using the dropdown menu to select the minimum amount to recognize.


Donors may want to send a message to a fundraiser. These messages can be found in the campaign dashboard. This is only a message viewer from those who contact the fundraiser. They are required to provide their email address, so the fundraiser can contact whoever contacts them.


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Donations carry much information with them. They can show information your donor provides for incentives redeemed, and the donor reports provides that in more detail. And when you need to make a name or comments disappears, you can do that here as well...shhhhh! Also, if you donors want to connect, messages is there so they can connect with you.

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