Navigating to an Auction House

There are two ways to navigate to the Auctions section of your dashboard. The first is by clicking the Auctions section on the left-hand side of your My Hub page. The other is by selecting Auctions from the dropdown in the upper right corner of your dashboard. In the Auction section of your dashboard, you'll be able to create and manage your auction houses.

Once you navigate to the Auctions area, you'll be able to see a summary of your auctions' performance and a list of your Auction houses. Click on the [Edit] button on the Auction House you wish to manage.

Auction House: Dashboard

The Dashboard is your gateway to managing your auction house. From your Dashboard, you can view your Auction house, generate a QR code for your Auction House, copy the Auction House's URL for sharing, and download a report of your Auction items. It also has handy shortcuts to access adding an auction item, customizing your Auction House page, and publish your Auction House.

Auction House: Setup

The Setup tab is where you can view and update the information for your Auction House.  It's where you go to publish your Auction House, and retire it once your auction is over. If you haven't published your Auction House and there hasn't been any bids, you'll also be able to delete the Auction House in the Setup tab. It's also where you can toggle between automatically or manually emailing the next highest bidder if the highest bidder misses the payment window. 

Auction House: Branding

The Branding section is where you can customize your Auction House. You can add a banner, avatar, toggle what displays on your Auction House page, add social links, and create an overlay for your Auction House. There are three tabs in the branding section, Design, where you can manage your banner(recommended size 1440X530px) and Avatar(recommended size 400x400px), Social Links, where you can enter links to your social media profiles, and Overlays, where you can create and manage your overlays. 

You'll want to click the [Save changes] button when adding or editing your social media in order for the changes to be applied to your Auction House.

When you create an overlay in the auction house, alerts specific to the auction can be added. These include [Auction Items], which rotates what auctions items are available, [Auction Items Alert], which updates the winning bid for the selected auction item, and [Auction House Totals], which shows the totals for the auction house. 

Auction House: Auction Items

The Auction Items tab is where you can view, manage, and Create auction items. Once an auction item has ended, it can no longer be edited and you can unpublish an item if it hasn't received a bid yet, however once an item is bid on, it can no longer be changed. 

Auction House: Winning Bids

The Winning Bids tab is where you can view who won your auction items, send or resend them their winning bid email, and view if the payment has been received for an item. You can track which winning bid donations haven't been completed in the Waiting for Payment tab, and view winning bid donations that have been completed in the Payment Received tab. If a winning bidder can't locate their email with information about making their donation, you can resend it by clicking the [resend winning email] button. The email of the winning bidder is hidden for privacy, however you can click to view the email address.  

Auction House: Roles

The Roles tab is where you can invite and manage Auction House members. this feature is handy if you have a team of people helping you with your auctions and gives you the option to allow members to manage parts of the Auctions for you. Currently, there are two roles, Event Administrator, which is the person who created the Auction House, and Coordinator, which is the role for people added to help manage the Auction House. 

There's three tabs for Roles:

  • Accepted: This tab is where you can view and manage members who have received and accepted the invite.
  • Pending: This is where you can resend or revoke an invite that hasn't been accepted yet.
  • Revoked: This is where you can view and manage members who you've removed from the Auction House.

Simply click [Add member +], enter the person's email, select a role, and click invite to add members to your Auction House.

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