Accidently create a team campaign? Want your total from the team campaign to count to your individual profile total? There is now the ability to convert your team campaign to an individual campaign.




To convert a team campaign into an individual campaign, there cannot be any supporting campaigns. If there are any supporting individual campaigns for the team campaign, the option will not be available to make the conversion.

The team campaign will be converted to the team member that CREATED the campaign.

How to convert team to Individual


To convert a team campaign to an individual campaign, you will need to navigate to your information tab in your team campaign dashboard. This can be found in the setup section of your dashboard. Once you are in the information tab, there will be an option to convert to an individual campaign. Click the button and follow the prompts. Once this is done, it cannot be converted back to a team campaign.


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Even if you accidentally create a team campaign instead of an individual campaign, you are able to convert it. The donations will count towards your milestones once it is converted to an individual campaign. As long as the requirements are met, the conversion is possible!