Do you have a Bonfire account? Don’t know what Bonfire is? Well, it’s time to see how this integration can help boost your fundraising efforts!


What is Bonfire?


Bonfire is a free online platform where anyone can design, sell, and buy custom products. They handle payment processing, order fulfillment, and customer service so you can focus on connecting with your community.

Bonfire and Tiltify


If you have a Bonfire account, you can boost your Tiltify fundraising by connecting your accounts. If you would like to integrate your Bonfire and Tiltify account, you will either need to reach out to them via Discord to Zach (zachmadison) or email Ryan ( and Zach ( They will be able to assist with getting your accounts connected!

How it works


Once you have your Tiltify campaign connected to a Bonfire campaign you will see a link in the donate flow and on your Tiltify campaign to your Bonfire campaign.  The full amount of each Bonfire transaction will be credited to your Tiltify campaign.



Expand your reach with your fundraising campaigns by adding Bonfire functionality! Boost your fundraising with what you can offer, and let Bonfire handle the rest!