Q: What is a Donation Match Challenge?
 A: Donation Match Challenge is a way for a donor to rally other donors to meet the total they have set. Whenever Matchers (the other donors) make a donation to a campaign with a challenge, it is matched!

Q: What are Challengers and Matchers?
 A: The Challengers is the person who initiates the Donation Match Challenge. Those who donate to meet the challenge are called Matchers. They work in tandem to multiply the contributions to the charities!

Q: What donation methods are allowed?

A: Donation Match Challenges are required to use Stripe (credit card) for their donations.

Q: What does a verified account mean?
 A: Challengers must have a registered Tiltify account with their email address verified.

Q: Are there limits on the match challenge amount?
 A: The min is $250 and the max is $50,000

Q: For the Challenger (the person who creates the Donation Match Challenge), when will their donation process?
 A: When the challenge is met or timers end (whichever happens first), their donation will be processed for the amount they specify. 

Q: What happens if a match challenge is not met?
 A: That would depend on the donor who initiated the challenge. If the Challenger wants to donate the remainder, it will be donated. If they decide they just want to donate what is matched, that will be all they will donate.

Q: How do I know if a match challenge is occurring?
 A: There a few ways to know if match challenges are occurring. First, there is a multiply icon on the campaigns on the home page of Tiltify.

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Second, on the campaign page, there is a banner that show how much donations are being multiplied. Active matches will be shown below. Note that the check box is to show all the matches that are active.

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Third, on the overlay for a stream if not on the Tiltify website. The classic overlay widget will display the matches that are occurring. There is also a donation widget that can be added.

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Q: How do fundraisers know how the result of donation matches?

A: Fundraisers can see matching donations in their campaign dashboard in the donation section. There is a tab for matching donations that show the challenge, the amount matched, and how much of the challenge was donated. If the rest of the challenge was not donated, then the amount donated will equal the amount matched.


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