CHOO-CHOO! Live out your dreams of being a train conductor! Create a Donation Match Challenge! Be the start of a train of donations for your favorite individual campaign!


What is a Donation Match Challenge?

Donors can create a donation match challenge for Tiltify Fundraising Campaigns. The goal is engagement between donors by allowing them to initiate a donation match that will inspire other donors to maximize their contributions!

Donation Match Challenge at a glance

  • Available for Individual Fundraising Campaigns
  • Challenges can only be started by Verified donor accounts
  • Challenges start at $250 and caps at $50,000
  • Real-time Tiltify overlay and alert support.
  • Can be anonymous or have a public name associated with the match.
  • Length of match 1 hour to up to five days!
  • Matched donations identified on your donation feed.

How to start a Donation Match Challenge

Step 1: Select [Create a matching donation] from the donation screen

After clicking the [Donate] button on an individual campaign, and selecting any incentives, click the [Checkout] button. This will bring you to the Your details page where you can click the [Matching donation challenge] button to create a donation match. 

Note: This is only available for individual campaigns. 

Step 2: Enter your details

As with other donations, email address is required, name can be anonymous, and comments are optional.


Step 3: Enter the Donation information

A predetermined donation amount can be selected or a custom entry over $250 can used. There is an option to donate the rest of the donation if the match is not met or have the remainder returned if not met. You can also set the amount of time the match is open, up to 5 days.

Donors must use a credit card to begin a match. Please note the fine print whenever you want to start a match. Address will also be required to initiate a donation match.


Step 4: Review Donation Summary

This is the last step before the path of no return. Please review your information to make sure it is correct. If you need to make changes, you can click the [Edit] button to go back. NOTE THE FINE PRINT! Once you are ready, click [Donate] to begin your Donation Match Challenge!

Step 5: Let the Match Begin!

Note that you will receive up to 2 different confirmation emails. The first will come when the match begins and another when the match is either completed or the time frame has passed.
Just because the Donation Match Challenge has started doesn’t mean the impact has to end. Generate an Amplify link to promote the campaign that has the Donation Match challenge and see just how much of an impact you have!


The Donation Match Challenge will help to really turn fundraising into a team effort! Who will take over as a train conductor and create a Match Challenge!

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