Does your employer offer employee donation matching? If so, we've now added a quick and easy way to fill out your employer donation matching! 


What is Employer Match?

Double the Donation is an option after you've donated through Tiltify that helps streamline the process of requesting your employer match the donation you made. Please note, only employers listed in the search will be available for this option. 

How to Start an Employer Match Request

At the end of the donation form, after completing your donation, there will be the option to [Search employers]. *Note, that this will only appear if the charity has enabled it on their Tiltify Cause Dashboard

This will direct you to an Employer match search. Search for your employer. Once you find your employer, click on their name and you'll be directed to the form for your employer's employee donation matching. 

Once you fill out the form provided by your employer and they process it, your donation will be matched. Please note, if and when the donation match is processed is determined by your employer.


The Employer Match feature will help to streamline requesting employer donation match for your donations!