It’s time for a bit of an update to our team campaigns! To go with the updated dashboard, there has also been an update to be able to modify your team campaign design! This article will detail branding your team campaign page!


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With the teams update, teams now have the ability to choose between two different templates. These are Media and Incentive. Media looks exactly as individual campaigns with the media being the primary focal point. The new template that team campaigns can choose is the Incentive template. The incentive template is more customizable and offers more focus on the incentives of the team campaign.


Things that can be customized with this template include the option of color for your buttons and bars, and the option to toggle different aspects of the Incentive template page. These include the donate button (if you would rather have donors go to the supporting campaigns) and supporting campaigns (if you would rather have donors support the team campaign directly). Also, if you team has a toolkit, you can add a link to your team toolkit!

Social Links

Team campaigns can have their own social links associated with the campaign. You can add these from the branding sections in the [Social Links] area (easier than finding them in Persona games). Be sure to add what the social link indicates (username is most of them).


In a team campaign, it will be in the Branding section of your Team Campaign dashboard. From here you create an overlay from the Default Template and customize it however you like! More information for editing the overlay can be found here: Tiltify Overlays - Quick Start




Team campaigns are now made to be customizable for your team’s needs! Make your team campaign your own and show off what your team has to offer (quite literally with the Incentive template!)

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