As a team owner, you may have other team members you trust more to moderate or create your team campaigns. We understand that life, which is why there is now the option to assign roles to team members for campaigns! This article will detail adding roles to members and what these roles do.


Adding Team Campaign Roles

In order to add a role to a team member, you must first be in the campaign for your team. Once there, you will navigate to the Roles section of that team campaign dashboard. Roles can be added by clicking the button under "Add role" for each member. There are two roles that can be assigned: Moderator and Coordinator. Team members can have both roles assigned to them, if you'd like.


The Coordinator role should be given to the team member you want to have near maximum control over the team campaign. This role is able to edit overview details, manage incentives, manage designs, and have moderator access as well. A role fit for your most trusted first mate!


Every team needs someone with a ban hammer or a silencer. That's what the moderators job is. Moderators can moderate donations and have access to the advanced dashboard (Donations + on the campaign overview). If they see something that is said not in the spirit of the team, WAPHOW! Moderate that donation and make it anonymous and bye-bye comment!


There's no I in team, and the same goes with your team campaigns! Team campaign roles give the ability the spread the responsibility! Get your teammates you trust and get the assist!

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