When it’s time to keep track of your fundraising efforts, past present, and future, the Campaign section of your user dashboard will be your home. When you land in the campaign section, you will be greeted with a screen that looks like this below. You can see how much you’ve raised in total, how many campaigns you’ve published, the average per published campaign, and your achievement! Campaign creation can start from here, as well as selecting an already created campaign to edit. This article will discuss the incentives section of your campaign dashboard!



Incentives overview provides a menu of the different incentives that are available to engage your supporters. Each incentive will be covered below. You are free to use as many or as few (hopefully as many) different incentives as you’d like!

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Milestones represents the fundraising goals you want to achieve. You can even add activities you will do when the milestones are met. Whenever you create a milestone, don’t forget to activate it (this will be repeated a lot). Make sure, if your milestone is above your goal, that you are ready to activate it. Once activated, it will extend your goal.

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Rewards are incentives that you can provide to your community when they individually donate a specified amount to your campaign. Similar to purchasing a product online, they can view your rewards, chooses the one they want, donate the specified amount (or more - we won't complain about more money going to charity) and then it will be on you, the fundraiser, to fulfill the reward!

When creating a new reward, it is required to add the reward name, donation minimum amount, and description of the reward. It’s optional to add a limited quantity, dates the reward is available (time included), and image. If you are sending a physical item, be sure to check the “Requires Shipping” box so donors can enter their mailing address. If your reward requires something such as Username, Steam ID, for digital code delivery, for example), you will ask for that information in the custom question. Once you save your Reward, be sure to remember to activate it when you are ready, and check the Promoted option next to any rewards you want to be pinned to the top of your list of rewards! You can also edit the Reward if changes are needed.


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Polls allow you to harness the power of democracy by letting the donations do the talking. By creating a poll, you put the power in the collective hands of the donors and could result in a different hairstyle, color, or "delicious" food you might have to consume at the end of your campaign.

Choose a name for your poll (1) and the options (2) for your donors to vote on. Polls can have a maximum of 5 options, but best practices have shown that limiting the options to 2 can wield a much more aggressive "back and forth" donation war (for a good cause!) Keep in mind that any incentive must be activated before they can be seen by your donors - so use the Active section on the right-hand side of your list of polls to activate it!

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Targets are "micro" goals you can set within your campaign, often timed to create a sense of urgency for fundraising.

Similar to how Milestones can be used to challenge your community to hit a certain fundraising goal for the overall fundraising campaign, Targets allow you to create multiple goals for your community to try and hit.

Targets can set their own totals and must be donated specifically in order to complete their specific goal - allowing you to create multiple Targets at once and enabling your community to donate to what they care about the most!

Fill out the Name, Target Amount, and end date/time for the Target. The end time allows you to set a cutoff time for donations, which is handy for marathon-type events that require setup/planning time in case a Target is hit! Don’t forget to switch the status to Active!

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Looking for some examples of great incentives? Take a look at this article to help jump-start your creativity and fundraising!


Tiltify offers a ton of tools designed to enhance donor engagement and overall experience. These tools will help you raise more for the causes you love! Incentives are wonderful ways to engage donors during your fundraisers. Just don’t forget to activate them!

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