Fundraising’s going. Donations flowing. Need to keep up with what people are redeeming and switch between your Tiltify overlays? Don’t want to keep switching windows? This is where Tiltify’s Advanced Dashboard will be your welcomed relief! With the Advanced Dashboard, manage the donations you’ve seen and change your Tiltify overlay all in one place (and it’s dockable for OBS!)



Navigating to Advance Dashboard

Accessing your Advance Dashboard is just a few clicks away! When you are in your user dashboard, you will go to your active campaign. In the overview tab for that campaign, you will notice on the upper right corner a link named Advanced dashboard. Click that and it will open a window for you advanced dashboard! 


Your donations received during your fundraiser will appear in this tab. Not much new here, right? Think again! Gone are the days where you have to recall whether or not you’ve addressed a donation! You are now able to mark donations as read in the Advanced Dashboard! Along with this, the donations can be filtered by minimum donation amount, read status, and received order!


Multi-Overlay Management

Do you have multiple donations you want to show off, but don’t want to wrangle which overlay address goes with which overlay? Here comes Advanced Dashboard to the rescue! Within the Advanced Dashboard, you can control the overlays displaying in your favorite streaming software with the click of a button! Just be sure to click “copy url” and past it as a browser source in your favorite streaming software!

Dock (OBS Studio)

If you are using OBS Studio, you can dock it so you don’t have to worry about switching windows in the middle of your livestreams! You will use the link for the new window as the URL for your dock in OBS. In OBS, you will go to Docks > Custom Browser Docks. In the window that opens name your advanced dashboard and past the link in the URL field. Now, that Bowser will be available as a movable dock within your OBS window!


Advanced dashboard is here to make fundraising during a busy event, such as a livestream, much easier. You can say it’s advanced in saving your time (who likes switching tabs anyway ? )

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