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Participating Charities and Talking Points (A-Z) 



Black and Pink is a prison abolitionist organization that supports LGBTQ and HIV-positive prisoners. 


  • Black and Pink believe that writing across walls breaks them down, so they created a pen-pal program for LGTBQ members can connect with incarcerated members. 
  • People living with HIV are 5-7x more likely to be incarcerated. 
  • 85% of LGBTQ people experience solitary confinement. 


GaymerX is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to celebrating and supporting LGBTQ+ people and culture in the world of gaming, with a focus on video games. 

  • Representation in media matters. The more LGBTQ+ content there is, the more normalized the experience of being Bisexual, Lesbian, Asexual, Transgender, Gay, Queer, Pansexual, Intersex, Questioning, and/or Nonbinary becomes. GaymerX was founded in 2012 with the goal of getting more LGBTQ+ individuals into the industry, and a desire to boost the profile of the game developers already making queer content. The idea was simple: gaming is for everyone. 
  • GaymerX offers consulting and training solutions for individuals and businesses in both the table top and video games industries. Working with both in house experts and our network of qualified professionals. 
  • The GaymerX GDC Scholarship Program provides passes to Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, a keystone professional conference. It also provides travel assistance and additional networking opportunities at GDC. The goal of this program is to improve gaming’s diversity and inclusion by increasing the number of LGBTQ+ individuals employed in the gaming industry 


GLSEN is an education organization that works to end discrimination, harassment, and bullying based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression and to prompt LGBT cultural inclusion and awareness in K-12 schools. 


  • GLSEN helps coordinate a network of 43 chapters in 30 states across the U.S. 
  • GLSEN works to ensure that LGBTQ students can learn. 
  • GLSEN national network is more than 1.5 million strong including students, educators, and families. 

Human Rights Campaign is an equal rights organization to ensure that all LGBTQ+ people, and particularly those of us who are trans, people of color, and HIV+, are treated as full and equal citizens within our movement, across our country, and around the world. 

  • Have built our political power by investing in a grassroots army with members in every zip code in America. 
  • With an estimated 52 million Equality Voters across America, the LGBTQIA+ community is one of the largest and most politically engaged voting blocs in the country. 
  • Human Rights Campaign strives to end discrimination against LGBTQ+ people and realize a world that achieves fundamental fairness and equality for all. 


It Gets Better Project is a nonprofit organization that has a mission of uplifting LGBTQ and Queer Youth around the globe. Their goal is to prevent suicide among LGBT youth by having gay adults convey the message that these teens' lives will improve. 

  • It Gets Better Project uplifts stories and makes sure it reaches LGBTQ+ youth. 
  • It Gets Better Project has downloadable content for using the right words, educational guides on important topics, and how to make your classroom LGBTQ-friendly. 
  • 70K+ people have shared their It Gets Better story. 
  • 630,010 people have pledged to help It Gets Better. 


ILGA Europe ILGA-Europe is an independent, international non-governmental umbrella organization bringing together over 600 organizations from 54 countries in Europe and Central Asia. They are a driving force for political, legal and social change in Europe and Central Asia. ILGA vision is a world where dignity, freedoms and full enjoyment of human rights are protected and ensured to everyone regardless of their actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics. 

  • Strategic litigation is the use of court cases as part of a strategy to achieve broader legal and social change 
  • Changing hearts and minds to end the social and legal discrimination which LGBTI people face cannot be done in a heartbeat. It is it a long struggle with many challenges. 
  • The LGBTI movement is the driving force behind creating sustainable change for LGBTI people. This movement consists of paid activists, NGOs and community groups, volunteers, and academics. But it also goes beyond that to include like-minded people working on our issues in other environments, such as policymakers, journalists, trade unions or employers. 


LGBTQ Freedom Fund LGBTQ Freedom Fund fights the criminalization of LGBTQ folks, who are much more likely in the U.S. to be incarcerated than other individuals. 

  • We pay immigration bond in any U.S. state and pretrial bail in Florida, focusing on LGBTQ individuals. 
  • With same-sex sexual activity illegal in over 70 nations, and widespread extralegal discrimination around the world, U.S. immigration detention is unduly felt by LGBTQ people. 


Lunar Startups Lunar Startups specializes in growth, connection, and innovation for Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC), LGBTQ+, women, and non-binary entrepreneurs. 

  • The Lunar Startups Accelerator is a 6-month, customized cohort program that includes executive coaching, on-demand workshops, expert mentorship from more than 90 local professionals, tech perks, & free legal services. 
  • More than a digital learning platform, Lunar Everywhere is a digital cohort & coaching experience bolstered with entrepreneurial resources focused on operational excellence & infrastructure scalability. Sign up today for events and free tools for CEOs 
  • Lunar Startups offers a new, collaborative approach to increasing access to capital, curated peer support, and activating the stewards of entrepreneurship in our community to serve Minnesota’s high-growth businesses better. How we do our work is rooted in the needs and preferences of local founders and guided by our mission and vision for a more equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

Mermaids (UK) is one of the UK’s leading LGBTQ charities that supports transgender, nonbinary, and gender-diverse children and young people until their 20th birthday, as well as their families and professionals involved in their care. They also offer a webchat to support and empower the community through their online community. 

  • Mermaids supports transgender, nonbinary, and gender-diverse children and young people until their 20th birthday. 
  • Mermaids is committed to helping families navigate the challenges they may face. 
  • Mermaids supports LGBTQ youth cope with mental and emotional distress. 


Outright Action International Outright works at the international, regional and national levels to research, document, defend, and advance human rights for LGBTIQ people around the world. We partner directly with human rights defenders, allies and organizations to produce reliable data on the experiences of LGBTIQ people around the world, and support research-based advocacy and capacity-building to promote the human rights LGBTIQ people everywhere. 

  • Outright Action International partners directly with thousands of activists throughout the Global South to develop effective advocacy and capacity building for LGBTIQ rights. 
  • Outright Action International conducts trainings with partners and activists on tactics and strategy for LGBTIQ rights documentation and advocacy. 
  • Outright Action International vigilantly monitors and documents the discriminatory and life-threatening conditions LGBTIQ people face to spur action to stop human rights violations when they occur. 
  • Outright Action International shares news, cultural media and advocacy of partners, activists and experts through the lens of LGBTIQ people working on international human rights. 


QWEERTY GAMERS is a nonprofit organization that champions the inclusion and visibility of LGBTQ Gamers into the broader gaming world. 

  • Qweerty Gamers began as an LGBTQ Minecraft Facebook group. 
  • Qweerty Gamers began raising for nonprofits, including the National Center for Lesbian Rights and The Translation Coalition 
  • Offers grants that directly fund financial obstacles that stand in the way of success. 

Rainbow Railroad (US Chapter) is a nonprofit organization that helps LGBTQ individuals escape violence and persecution in their home countries. 

  • Rainbow Railroad has helped over 1600 LGBTQ individuals find safety through emergency relocation and other assistance. 
  • Rainbow Railroad's name relates to the Underground Railroad that assisted black individuals to escape enslavement in the American South. 
  • Each year, Rainbow Railroad receives 3K+ requests from people whose lives are in danger, such as police harassment, family violence, or forced conversion therapy. 

Stonewall Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports the LGBTQ+ community by making investments in projects, partnerships, and organizations. 

  • Stonewall Community Foundation ensures community dollars make the greatest difference where it is needed the most. 
  • Stonewall Community Foundation is to top 10 funder in the U.S on issues of LGBTQ+ housing and homelessness. 
  • $20 million in grants since its founding. 
  • 500 hours of free consulting to community organizations each year. 


Trans Lifeline is a peer support and crisis hotline nonprofit organization that serves transgender people by offering phone support and microgrants. 

  • Trans Lifeline has over 600 trained operators available to speak and that can connect you with a variety of resources. 

  • Trans Lifeline launched in 2014, shortly after Trans Day of Remembrance. 

  • Over $1M in funds are dispersed to support trans people (ID changes, documentation fees) 


Transgender Law Center The Trans Agenda for Liberation is a community-led guide toward the world we deserve. Trans people hold the knowledge, power, and joy to create a future where we can all not only survive but thrive. This agenda addresses the urgent political, legal, and social violence enacted against our communities, while channeling trans imagination to bring our boldest visions to life. The Trans Agenda grows out of the work that communities and individuals are already doing, and points toward work that still needs to be done. 

  • The Trans Agenda centers the lives and voices of trans people of color, who have too often had to advance our collective liberation from the margins. Trans justice is migrant justice, disability justice, racial justice, environmental justice, reproductive justice, economic justice, and gender justice. An agenda for trans liberation is a blueprint for liberation for all. 
  • We demand a world where the health care we need is readily available, and where our bodies, HIV statuses, disabilities, and viral loads are no longer policed and criminalized. 
  • Sex work is work. Sex workers are legitimate workers. As Black and brown transgender sex workers, we demand the full decriminalization of sex work and the end to the stigma, violence, and policing that plagues our communities. 


Trevor Project is a nonprofit organization focused on suicide prevention efforts among LGBTQ youth. Through a toll-free number, it operates The Trevor Lifeline, a confidential service that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services for LGBTQ young people under 25, as well as offer guidance and resources to parents and educators in order to foster safe, accepting, and inclusive environments for all youth, at home and at school. 

  • The Trevor Project offers a wide variety of community resources, such as Trevor Space and the Trevor Advocacy Network that helps connect the community both online and locally. A few additional resources are listed, below: 
  • Crisis Interventions: a list of resources you can use for crisis intervention and suicide prevention. These are free and confidential services. 

  • The Trevor Support Center: where FAQs and other concerns can be asked and answered. 

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