We are more than a little proud of our community. Thousands of community fundraisers have made Tiltify a place where creators, gamers, and digital communities can go to make a difference. These achievements are an inspiration.


Wait, what is this? 

The Tiltify Recognition Program is our warm thank you and acknowledgment of the tremendous dedication many of you have to support causes on Tiltify. This is a new, growing, and evolving program that endeavors to celebrate achievements in fundraising and actions that make a difference for our charity partners. 

At launch, there are two ways and two categories in which Tiltify community fundraisers unlock achievements. First, eligible fundraisers will unlock both digital badges that are displayed on their Tiltify profiles and, second, they will be sent physical badges in the form of pins (along with a banner to proudly display their loot!). 

Lifetime Fundraising Achievements

How do you unlock Lifetime Fundraising Achievements? 

Tiltify community members that raise a lifetime total (starting from 2016 and individual fundraising campaigns) via individual fundraising campaigns in the equivalent in USD of $500, $1000, $2500, $5000, $7500, $10K, $25K, $50K, $100K, $250K, $500K and $1MM will unlock the corresponding achievements both digitally. Those that achieve $7500, $10K, $25K, $50K, $100K, $250K, $500K, and $1MM will also unlock the corresponding achievements physically, meaning that they are eligible for pins and a banner!

Those that have raised at least $7500 USD, can have their physical pins and banner mailed to the address that community members share on this form. If you have questions, please let our team know at support@tiltify.com.

Physical pins will be sent at the start of the new year after fundraising has been completed in the previous calendar year. 

Annual Top Fundraiser Achievements

How do I unlock the Annual Top Fundraiser Achievements? 

The top 300 fundraisers* (individual fundraising campaigns) for a given year will unlock the digital top fundraising badges for their profiles! If the community member also has unlocked the $7500 Lifetime Achievement through fundraising, they will also receive a physical pin in recognition for their tremendous efforts!

Physical pins are mailed to the default address listed on your Tiltify account (Your Tiltify Dashboard > My Account > Address). If you have questions or need to send your pins to an alternate address, please let our team know at support@tiltify.com.

Physical pins will be sent at the start of the new year after fundraising has been completed in the previous calendar year.

*In 2016 and 2017, there were 200 and 250 top fundraisers respectively. 

Tiltify Recognition Program FAQs

Q: Will there be other badges and achievements available? 

A: Yes! This is JUST the start of the fundraising achievements on Tiltfy! Keep an eye out for other digital and physical badges, coming soon (TM). 

Q: I believe I am eligible for a physical or digital badge, but I don’t see the achievement on my profile or have not received anything? 

A: If you have reached a lifetime milestone amount in fundraising or were among the top fundraisers in a given year, you should see the badge on your profile. If you do not see the badge and believe you should, send us an email to support@tiltify.com

If you have reached the $ 7500-lifetime fundraising achievement and were among the top fundraisers, you will also receive a physical pin, sent to the default address you have listed on your Tiltify profile (Your Tiltify Dashboard > My Account > Address). For inquiries, do reach out to our support team, at support@tiltify.com. 

Q: My team (group, friends, co-workers) shared an individual fundraiser campaign, can we ALL get the swag?

A: Physical rewards for unlocking achievements are limited to one set per individual fundraising campaign. 

Q: Are there achievements for team campaigns? 

A: We are planning all sorts of achievements and badges to earn, including teams. Though not all badges will have a physical counterpart. Keep an eye out for new badges as we add them to your profiles!

Q: How can I check on my physical badge shipment? 

A: If you are eligible for a physical badge and want to check on the progress, please contact support@tiltify.com.