Tiltify, through The Giving Block, is giving charities the ability to link their accounts to accept Cryptocurrency. The following are to help better understand Cryptocurrency and Tiltify via The Giving Block.

  • Is Cryptocurrency available for all charities? – No. Only the charities that have enabled their access for The Giving Block will be able to accept Cryptocurrency for donations.
  • Why can’t I donate below X amount? – The minimum donation amount is set by each charity who has enabled Cryptocurrency.
  • When will my donation process? - Due to how Cryptocurrency donations made through the Giving Block are processed, it can take several hours for the donation to complete (usually within 2-3 hours). The donation will not display in the campaign total until it has been completed.
  • Will this affect any rewards redeemed? - Cryptocurrency donations take several hours to process (usually 2-3 hours), which means that the donation won’t show in the campaign and rewards won’t be claimed until the donation has completed. Due to this extended processing time, any limited quantity rewards can’t be claimed using the Giving Block payment method.
  • Why did my donation process at a different amount? -  Because Cryptocurrency values are constantly changing, your donation may be different when your donation is finally processed. This could result in not being eligible for a reward if it drops below the reward’s default value.