Welcome to the #TeamSeas 2021 FAQ section.  Below are answers to the basic questions for the #TeamSeas Event.

What is Team Seas?

#TeamSeas is a global movement powered by the internet and united by a singular belief that our planet is too important to be trashed with plastic bottles, bags, and fishing nets. We’re on a mission to raise a massive amount of money and attention to remove an even more massive amount of trash from our ocean, rivers, and beaches. And while we know there’s a lot to clean up, we’re not letting the size of the problem stop us. Instead, #TeamSeas is here to roll up our sleeves on an issue we’re passionate about and prove that we can make an impact. No more waiting; no more asking for permission. We’re just doing.

That’s because doing big things is what we do best. In 2019, we asked the internet to come together for #TeamTrees. We had a goal of raising $20M to plant 20M trees, and we smashed it in two months. People across 200 countries and territories around the world made over 800,000 donations totaling more than $23M (and counting). Now, we’re getting the team back together for a new and bigger mission to once again prove we can change the world.

Add the "Ocean Conservancy" sticker on TikTok or create a Tiltify campaign, Register here 

Wait. I Can Use TikTok to support #TeamSeas?

Yes! You can use TikTok donation stickers for your videos and on your profile to support #TeamSeas! Take a look at this best practices guide for more information! It's as easy as adding an "Ocean Conservancy" sticker to your TikTok videos and a link to your TikTok profile!

Follow these steps to ensure success on TikTok!

A) For your TikTok videos, be sure to add the hashtag or tag > #TeamSeas so it can be seen on the Discover page and search results.

B) Post your videos after 1pm Pacific on 10/29/2021 (after the official announcement!).

Need help with adding stickers and profile links? Check out the video below. 

Okay, I want to support #TeamSeas by creating a campaign.

Is there a video walkthrough of how to create a campaign?

Whoa! There is a lot I can do with Tiltify. Is there a video walkthrough of your fundraising tools?

Jump to the chapter you need help with below:

0:00 - Intro

0:48 - Campaign Overview Tab

2:13 - Campaign Detail Tab

2:38 - Adding Rewards to your campaign 

7:32 - Adding Targets to your campaign 

9:47 - Adding Polls to your campaign 

12:18 - Adding Milestones to your campaign 

14:48 - Adding a Schedule to your campaign

16:38 - Manage and monitor donations

17:13 - Reviewing message from donors

17:24 - Adding Overlays and Alerts to your campaign

Is there a place where I can get facts, more about what the charity does, and other assets?

Head over to the Ocean Conservancy website to learn about wildlife, climate change, and more!

Is there an overlay I can use for my stream?

You can customize your own overlay on your campaign dashboard! Here is a video to help!

How are donations being collected and distributed?

All donations go directly to Ocean Conservancy via Tiltify for campaigns created at https://tiltify.com/ocean-conservancy/teamseas/start/ and the TikTok donation sticker/link, powered by Tiltify.

Is my donation tax-deductible? 

Yes, Ocean Conservancy is a 501(c)3, and all donations are 100% tax-deductible as allowed by law. You will be provided a tax receipt directly from the payment provider (PayPal and Stripe) following your donation. If you use a PayPal account, you may also find your receipt in your account.