First-time campaign squire? Experienced fundraising knight? No matter where you are on your fundraising adventure, we’re here to help guide you every step of the way! If you are planning on livestreaming your event on YouTube, here’s a checklist! (Note: The checklist is more what you'd call 'guidelines' than actual rules.) 




  • Make sure your YouTube channel has live access
    • If your YouTube channel has never hosted a livestream you might need to request live access
  • Create livestream 24-48 hours before event to alert subscribers of event 
  • Turn off Super Chat feature for livestream event
    • Any contributions to Super Chat will not go to your Tiltify campaign
  • Insert clickable donation link at the top of the livestream description with call to action 
    • Ex. DONATE HERE- (Link URL) 
  • Social Promotion

    • Include a clickable donation link in all social promotion and press releases
    • Include a call to action “You can donate/contribute now”
    • Infographic recommended for launch post
    • Make sure to tag Tiltify for added exposure
  • Tiltify Overlay and Alerts

    • Tiltify has a custom overlay and alert suite available in the fundraiser dashboard

    • GIPHY Alerts, custom goal bars, color schemes, and fundraising tool alerts can be added to your campaign overlay
    • QR Code Feature
      • QR Code can be added to your Tiltify overlay, it is unique to the campaign it is created for
      • This creates an additional pathway for donors during the live stream event
  • Test Stream

    • Conduct a test stream to ensure overlay sizing is correct

Event Day

  • Turn off Super Chat feature for livestream event
    • Any contributions to Super Chat will not go to your Tiltify campaign
  • Pin Donate Flow URL to the top of the chat
    • Include a call to action- “Donate Now (Donate Link)” 
  • Begin livestream 30 minutes to an hour before appearing on camera, 
    • Alerts subscribers about upcoming livestream and allows more time for viewers to join stream 
  • Chat Moderation 
    • Use trusted moderators during livestream event
    • Moderators can help identify large and smaller donors throughout the stream
  • Build Call to Actions to donate into your stream programming
    • Recommended every 10-15 minutes 
    • Remind viewers why they should donate
    • Use charity talking and use Impact points to show how every dollar matters Let viewers know where they can donate
    • ”Link in chat”
    • ”Link in the description”
    • QR Code
  • Donor Recognition
    • Thank donors on a regular basis during the stream
    • Make sure to recognize both large and small donors
  • Highlight donor pathways to support
    • The call to action should include the following: 
    • ”Link in the description”
    • “Link in the chat”

Post Event

  • Closeout stream reminding viewers they can still donate 
    • Campaign can still take donations after the livestream event 
    • Campaign will auto-retire after 60 days of inactivity
    • Post on social final fundraising numbers with the donation link in the messaging
    • Sample Call to action- “Thanks to you we raised $X!!! Thanks for watching and remember you can still support an amazing cause DONATE- (donation link)”
  • Add End Card to livestream VOD
    • Link back to the donation page
    • How to add Cards to YouTube VODs

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If you would like to actually check the checklist, you can print the attachment here!