Welcome to the Thankmas 2021 FAQ section.  Below are answers to the basic questions for the Thankmas Campaign.

What is Thankmas?

This holiday season, Thankmas is teaming up with New Story to help end global homelessness. There are 1.6 billion people who lack adequate housing across the world. Unfortunately, traditional methods of building will never catch up to the problem. New Story is a Y Combinator-backed nonprofit that sources new solutions, like 3- D printing, to help teams everywhere build better, faster, and more cost-effective homes. To date, they have built more than 2300 homes across Haiti, El Salvador, Bolivia, and Mexico for families living on less than $10 a day.


Thankmas will bring together communities, streamers, content creators, and celebrities across a range of platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook. Throughout the two-week campaign in December, participants will harness the collective power of their online communities to raise funds. Jacksepticeye will anchor the effort by hosting a 6+ hour live stream with exclusive content, audience interaction, and fun collaborations with his network of creators and celebrities.

Is there a video walkthrough of how to create a campaign?

Is there a video walkthrough of your fundraising tools?

Jump to the chapter you need help with below:

0:00 - Intro

0:48 - Campaign Overview Tab

2:13 - Campaign Detail Tab

2:38 - Adding Rewards to your campaign 

7:32 - Adding Targets to your campaign 

9:47 - Adding Polls to your campaign 

12:18 - Adding Milestones to your campaign 

14:48 - Adding a Schedule to your campaign

16:38 - Manage and monitor donations

17:13 - Reviewing message from donors

17:24 - Adding Overlays and Alerts to your campaign

Is there a toolkit where I can get logos, facts, and other assets?

Download the PDF with details and links here or below!

Is there a special overlay I can use for my stream?

A custom #Thankmas overlay is available! Download and utilize the official #Thankmas overlay directly from the Tiltify dashboard! After you create your campaign, head to the top right of the navigation section of your Campaign Dashboard and click the Overlay Tab! From the dropdown, select either The Default or A Blank Slate overlay. Once your overlay is created, click the Add Widget button and select the Thankmas Overlay! This widget is custom-made for the event, with animations and images specific to Thankmas! You can edit your overlay widgets to display donation alerts, rewards, polls and more. Take a look at the quick start guide for overlays here

Are there any incentives I can unlock for fundraising?

Yes! Top fundraisers have a chance to unlock some incredible opportunities, take a look!

Special High Tier Incentives

If a fundraiser raises...

$25,000 — name will be signed on the foundation of a family’s new home
$100,000 — receive curated digital content every quarter that follows a family you have helped
$500,000 — name will be displayed on a plaque in a new community
$1,000,000 — name a street or building in a new community
$5,000,000 — name an entire community


The top 5 fundraisers for Thankmas will be invited to an exclusive vision trip to visit one of the new communities in Latin America. You will have the opportunity to see the work being done and visit with the families you have helped. Flight, accommodations, meals, and ground transportation will be provided.

How are donations being collected and distributed?

All donations go directly to New Story via Tiltify.

Is my donation tax-deductible? 

Yes, all donations are being collected through New Story is a Y Combinator-backed nonprofit building homes for families in survival mode. You will be provided a tax receipt directly from the payment provider (PayPal or Stripe) following your donation. If you use a PayPal account, you may also find your receipt in your account.