When it comes to fundraising, having a visual element that displays how much money is raised is a critical key to success for any charitable event! Tiltify has developed custom overlays with many options for you to choose from to take your fundraising game to the next level. Here, we'll talk about what widgets you can add to your overlay, kind of like a choose your own adventure book!

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Generic Options

Consider these your ResidentSleeper options since just about every widget has them. However, they are important in helping you make the most out of each widget they're in, so I guess it's more of catJAM!

Position Option

Each widget has a “Position” option. The position option is how you will resize your widget. The is also an assessable way to help position your widgets.


Font Options

Majority of the widgets have the font option. Choose what font the text will be. See a Font Size option that may be greyed out? If you turn off Dynamic Font Size (see below), you can put a custom font size for the text. May it as BIG or small as possible. Just make sure you chat will be able to know about the awesome donors! Don’t want to worry about point Font Size? Just make sure Dynamic Font Size is turned on and VOLIA! Whenever you resize the widget, the text will resize accordingly!



Choose your color for the option listed! Make Roy G. Biv proud... but sadly only one color can be chosen, but you can use HEX code to make it just right!


Animation Select

Some of the widgets have the ability to be animated. Decide how the widget will appear when donations are received. ZIP, ZOOM, ZIG, ZAG, FADE! Have them appear in style!



Congratulations! You received a donation and you want your entire viewership to know! Show you style with these alert widgets!

Alert Box

Whenever you receive a donation, you can alert all your viewers with the Alert Box. You can customize it with sounds and even an epic gif to impress viewers of the epic donation that just came in!

  1. Sticker/Gif Search­ – Shoutout those donations with the perfect gif! Get your dance on, raise the roof, and toss some confetti!
  2. Alert Sound – Having a gif not alert enough, add one of our alert sounds in the mix! Horns! Level Ups! Spooky! Just don’t blow out ear drums! *Note - Custom Sounds are not enabled to comply with DMCA*
  3. Donation Duration – Want to give your donors all the love in the world, set how long your donations are with the duration. Decide how many seconds you want the alert to say on screen. Be sure the box doesn’t take up the whole rest of your stream.
  4. Show Donation Equal or X – Want that $1000 donation to look different than the $1001? The show donation range will help with that! Make sure the lower total matches your lowest value and your higher value is just under the next tier!

Event List

Alert Box not long enough of a shout out? Keep your donors visible with the Event List! *Note: some of the features may overlap. There will be a link to a previous entry where it’s first discussed! *

  1. Border Radius –Are you a square? Do you like making the world go round? Reflect that by changing the border radius. The bigger the number the rounder the border, or just be square (well, rectangle) and make it 0.
  2. Border Width­ - See that border there...you can make it thicker or thinner by changing the side of the border. Just don’t go too big (or small for that matter) or else you’ll have a huge border to cover the screen!
  3. Number of Events to Show – 1, 2, 3, 4, tell me how to shout out more! Determine how many donors to display at once! Make it as many or few as possible.
  4. Delay – Wait! ... Alright! Whenever you have new donors, but the list is full, you can determine how long the prior donor is shown before the new one appears with the Delay. Put how many seconds are between the old donation is there before the new one appears.
  5. Add Border – It does, whatever it says it does. If you want it, it separates the donor buzz!
  6. Show Donation Equal or XSee Alert Box 4


Display all the ways your donors can help (or make you very uncomfortable) with the incentives widgets! Let them know what they can redeem!

Reward List

Have rewards that you want to highlight to your donors like that chocolate covered cricket you’ve been saving? Put as many of them as you want to display with the Reward List! 


  1. Border Radius - See Event List 1
  2. Border Width - See Event List 2
  3. Add Border - See Event List 5
  4. Rewards to Show – This is where the magic happens with this widget! Select the rewards to display on the list. The rewards will also display the remaining quantity if there are any that have a limited number.

Single Reward

List too boring? Your rewards got awesome pictures to go with them? Use the Single Reward widget!

  1. Reward Select – Choose that one reward that deserves attention above al the rest, like cozy scarf you’d say you knit on stream without any practice!
  2. Screen On TimeSee Alert Box 3
  3. DelaySee Event List 4
  4. Show on New Donation – What people to see what was redeemed on stream?  Enable this option so when the reward is redeemed, it will light up the area you selected it to go!


Got a question that you think is the next Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny? Show that using the Poll widget!

  1. Poll Select – This is where you decide what poll is going to be shown. Show donors which of the fighters is currently winning!
  2. Screen On TimeSee Alert Box 3
  3. DelaySee Event List 4
  4. Show on New DonationSee Single Reward 4

Head to Head Poll

Have a clash of two titans instead? Use the Head to Head Poll widget instead!

  1. Poll SelectSee Poll 1
  2. Screen On Time See Alert Box 3
  3. DelaySee Event List 4
  4. Text on Top – Where do you want your text, above or below your poll. What more can I say!
  5. Show on New DonationSee Single Reward 4


Is time running out on a target? Post it on your overlay and show how much there is remaining before our time is running out! (Same as Head to Head Poll)


You get an overlay! You get an overlay! In fact, you have a choice of three different overlays! 

As they all share the same options, this will highlight the overlay with the most options: The Beta Overlay.

  1. Sort Donations by Amount – Donations will come in! Question is, how do you want them seen on the overlay, order how they come in or by donation size? You got the power!
  2. Hide X – Ninjas are never seen. Just pretend whenever you select one of these options they’re ninjas! Shhh....
  3. Time (seconds) between new donationsSee Event List 4
  4. Show Donations Equal to or OverSee Alert Box 4

Cause Assets and Your Progress

Not much to add here. Use these widgets to add and create your own makeshift progress bar, along with Dynamic text (see below). It’s like those DIY projects you always want to start but

Custom Progress Bar

Want more of a shape to your progress bar? Make it a square, circle...even a squircle! The bar will fill whatever space when resized and make it round by increasing the Border Radius!


We’re bringing Tilty back! He tells you where you’re donation total’s at! Two and Tracker show your milestone path!


These can be found under "ALL" because they're friends with all the groups! They don't play favorites!

Dynamic Text

FALCON PUNCH...well, it sounds like you should say Dynamic Text that way. It does give you the power to create custom text, so guess it should be said DYMANIC...TEXT!

  1. Arrange Text – Want to defy mathematics? You can have #4 come before, after, or even below of #3...well at least for this section. 
  2. Stacked Text Alignment – Left, right, or center? Align you text like your favorite word processor (sorry for those “justified” format fans)!
  3. Dynamic Text Select – This will pull the selected information from your campaign to display. Select from personal amounts, fundraising event amounts, and milestones to show!
  4. Custom Text – Use the power of the pen...well keyboard! Say what you need to say here about your selection!
  5. Show Custom Text – Everything said above...uncheck this and FORGETABOUTTI!

QR Code

Put your QR code for people to scan! Everyone should have a mobile device with a camera, right?


Adding a donation overlay to your livestream fundraiser is essential for encouraging monetary donations to your event! Make sure you include one of ours, or one of our Integrated Partners, to make the most out of your next fundraising livestream!

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