A short explanation of what a Tiltify account is all about and how to create one in minutes.

  • Minimum information needed
  • What you can do with an account
  • Become a fundraiser

Create an account

To create a Tiltify Donor account you navigate to https://tiltify.com/users/sign_up

Fill out the minimum required information and create your account.  

Minimum information

In order to create a Tiltify account we require the following information:

  • Unique email account
  • Unique username
  • First and Last name

You can use a social account from the following to create an account:

  • Twitch
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Confirm the account (optional). 

What can I do?

Once you confirm your account you can:

  • Review donations you've made to fundraising campaigns and events on Tiltify. You must be logged in at the time the donation is made in order for it to appear. 
  • Download an overview of annual donations.

Become a Tiltify Fundraiser!

Activate your account to become a fundraiser and start your fundraising journey:

  • Publish campaigns and start fundraising in minutes
  • Create and manage a Team
  • Join a Team
  • Support a Team
  • Join a fundraising event and achieve incentives
  • lots more than we can list here!

Learn more about activating your Tiltify Fundraiser account. 


Our goal is to make your experience at Tiltify fun and easy.  When creating a Donor account you can track your contributions to your favorite fundraisers. 


For more information on our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy check the links below.