**NOTE** The Tiltify Donations Extension will eventually be sunset by 2021! Please use the new Tiltify Fundraising Extension! **

"Tiltify Donations" is our first extension on Twitch, which will enable donations to be made to a Tiltify campaign without ever having to leave the broadcast! This article will outline how to enable the extension on your channel, how the extension will work for viewers looking to make a donation, and a short FAQ on anything else you might be wondering.

Topics Covered

  • Creating a Tiltify Account
  • Enabling Popups
  • Adding the Extension to your channel
  • User Flow - How to make a donation
  • User Flow - Redeeming Rewards
  • Extension FAQ

Creating a Tiltify Account

Since this Extension allows for donations to be made to your Tiltify campaign, it only makes sense for you to have a Tiltify account. For more information on how to create an account, please refer to this article.

Enabling Popups

Popup windows are used extensively when interacting with this extension, so please make sure that you have popups enabled on any of your blocking applications. Failure to do so will not allow you to configure the Tiltify Donations Extension, nor will it allow viewers to be able to donate - so verbal reminders to your viewers during a fundraiser about enabling their popup windows might be in good practice as well!

Adding the Extension to your channel

After navigating to your dashboard, click on "Extensions" and search for "Tiltify" or "Tiltify Donations".

Click on "Details" for more information, or click on "Install".

After installing the "extention" (it was a long day, okay?), you must configure it every time you are fundraising for a new campaign. Luckily, it's just a couple of clicks! Please note: this is the first time where you will need popups enabled.

Once you log in to your account, you can select any extension supported campaigns. The list of charities that are currently available on the Tiltify Donation Extension can be found here. Remember to click save!

Last, but certainly not least, you must activate the panel by setting it to an extension-enabled panel! We suggest choosing one of the first panels as it will put the donation panel front and center of your info section :)

User Flow - How to make a donation

When the extension is configured, this is what it will look like! In order for a user to make a donation, click donate (Note: users can also click on the Tiltify logo at the bottom to go to your campaign page instead!)

Fill in the appropriate information. Please note: after clicking donate, a popup window will appear. 

This extension exclusively uses Amazon Pay to make donations. Once you log in to your Amazon account through the popup window, you can select an existing payment option or add a new card. After the proper payment method is selected, click "Donate".

Once your payment is processed and confirmed, the popup window will close and this message will appear on the extension! Congratulations, your donation has been made!

User Flow - Redeeming Rewards

In our latest update, Rewards can now be redeemed while donating using the Tiltify Twitch Extension!

After clicking on Rewards, choose from the list of rewards available via the campaign

Confirm your selection!

And proceed through the donation flow as normal :)

Extension FAQ

Why is this extension only limited to a select few charities?

Our extension currently exclusively uses Amazon Pay, which means charities that have Amazon Pay as a payment option are the only ones that can have the extension available for their fundraisers.

I am a charity - how can I get on the list of approved charities to use the extension?

Email charity@tiltify.com with the subject line "Extension Signup" and let us know your charity name. Note: you must be a current charity registered on Tiltify to begin this process and must also have an Amazon Pay account for your charity - so please make sure you have both of these prior to emailing us!

Why Amazon Pay?

Since August 25th 2014, Amazon has owned Twitch - so it would make sense to enable Amazon Pay as the Twitch Extension payment option!

Are there plans to allow for the extension to be enabled for other payment options?

We would love to see the extension allow for other payment options, but for now Amazon Pay is the only option.

Popup windows are annoying. Any plans on changing the way the extension works?

Our goal is to try and make the donation process as seamless as possible WITHOUT taking you away from the content you are watching. While this is something we have accomplished on our Tiltify campaign page, we will continue to work within the restrictions of building our Twitch extension to make sure we get as close to that same experience as possible. For now, popup windows are the way to go - but we will continue to look for better solutions down the road :)

Are PayPal/Stripe payment options still available for my campaign?

PayPal, PayPal Giving Fund and Stripe options are still available, provided that the charity allows for those options in the first place. You can still link to your Tiltify campaign page where those donation options are available! Think of the extension as an additional payment option - another way for users to donate towards your cause.


We hope this extension will allow for donations to your future charitable campaigns to be as seamless as possible! Please keep in mind that this is still an early version of the extension, so for any feedback, feature requests, etc. Make sure to submit a ticket either through https://info.tiltify.com or by clicking the "Help" button in the user drop-down menu.