Perhaps you made a test campaign with the URL slug you intended on using for your actual campaign? Maybe you are new to Tiltify and wanted to play around with all of our amazing fundraising tools? Or perhaps you decided to make a campaign and published it with a goal of a billion dollars, only to realize you can no longer lower your goal? This article will cover how to delete your campaign after creation!

Topics Covered

  • Guidelines for Deleting Your Campaign
  • How to Delete Your Campaign

Guidelines for Deleting Your Campaign

Given the situations above, and maybe more situations we can't even fathom, you have created a campaign that you want to delete. But before you do so, you must understand the following restrictions on deleting your campaign:

  1. You can only delete campaigns that are unpublished. If your campaign is currently published, but has raised 0 dollars so far, you still have the option to unpublish it! So once you unpublish it, you can then delete your campaign. However...
  2. You cannot delete a campaign that has raised any money. If your campaign has raised any amount of money, you can no longer unpublish the campaign since it is now active. Your only option at this point would be to retire the campaign in order to stop additional donations from being made - and recreating your campaign to start over.

How to Delete Your Campaign 

If your campaign is currently published (but has not raised any money), navigate over to your Campaign Dashboard --> Detail tab and scroll to the bottom. Here, you will find the "Unpublish Campaign" button - click it!

Once unpublished (or if it was already unpublished), this button will change into a "Delete Campaign" button. You can click this to delete your campaign.

Please note: on the rare occasion, if your campaign is published, has not raised any money, and you cannot unpublish it due to an error - you can submit a ticket via the "help!!" link in your user dropdown menu. Explain the error (it will likely say "You cannot unpublish a campaign that has pending donations") and we can assist further from there.


Especially for newer users to Tiltify, it will be important to play around with campaigns in order to fully understand how to best make use of our fundraising tools - so don't be afraid to start up a campaign to see all of the amazing tools and integrations we have to offer! Just remember: if you publish your campaign, it is now visible to everyone; so if it receives a donation - or if you send a test donation yourself - you will no longer be able to unpublish the campaign!