Crowd Control is an interactive gaming tool, created by the folks at Warp World, that allows for your online community to control your fate in some of your favorite video games! Enabled via their Twitch Extension, users can exchange Twitch Bits for Coins that can then be spent in the extension to help out (or drastically harm) your gameplay!

Thanks to the wonderful development team at Warp World, Crowd Control is now enabled for fundraising campaigns on Tiltify! So, instead of exchanging Twitch Bits for Coins, you can donate to an applicable campaign for Coins instead!


Install the Crowd Control Twitch Extension

Crowd Control is only enabled for Twitch livestreams via their Twitch Extension. Head on over to the Extensions page and install Crowd Control for your channel (and don't forget to activate the extension afterwards when you're ready to use it!)

Create a Tiltify Campaign

If you have not already, create a campaign for a participating charity!

Participating Charities:

Once created, navigate to your Campaign Dashboard --> Setup --> Information tab and find your campaign ID. The Public ID will be what will be used.

Connect your Tiltify Campaign to Crowd Control

In the Crowd Control app, once you have logged in, you will go to Config > Charity.

From there, you can enable streaming for charity, input your Tiltify Campaign ID from earlier, and click "play for this charity". 


That's it!

Once your campaign is connected, you can now use Crowd Control for your charity fundraising! Remember to adjust the cost of all of the different ways your community can affect your game and, for more information on Crowd Control itself, make sure to check out their FAQ!


Crowd Control is a great way to interact with your community - and, now, you can use the fantastic interactive gaming tool for any of your current, and future fundraising campaigns! 

We want to thank the team at Warp World for putting this integration together and cannot wait to see how creators use Crowd Control!

Additional Resources

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