Due to popular demand, we have now updated our donation flow on Tiltify! A vast majority of fundraisers wanted the ability to allow for a singular donation to count towards multiple types of rewards (as opposed to donating multiple times in order to accomplish the same thing). With our new donation flow, one donation will count towards 1 of each incentive type!

This new Donation Flow also streamlines the donation process alongside our New Campaign Page Design - it's a welcoming design revamp that's versatile for all types of donors, whether you are a livestream fundraiser, a Run/Walk Campaign Organizer, or you just want a quick, easy, and efficient donation button for your favorite charity.

Topics Covered

  • What's Different?
  • How Does The New Donation Flow Work?

What's Different?

In the past, when you wanted to donate to a campaign, this is what our page would look like: a donation box with donor info on the right and the various incentives you can redeem on the left. If you chose an incentive (whether it be a Reward, Target - Formerly known as Challenge, or Poll), you could only contribute your donation to that one incentive - so, if you wanted to redeem that Christmas Card Reward, Contribute towards the "I Wanna Be the Boshy Playthrough" Target, and Vote for Pineapple on Pizza in a Poll, you would have to donate 3 different times.

With our new donation flow, you can now redeem them all with a singular donation - making it easier for the donor to contribute to your campaign, redeem all the cool stuff you have to offer, and will likely result in much more active polls and targets since they are built right into the regular donation structure (Gone are the days of forgetting to put your donations towards Pineapple On Pizza! The world shall know its true power as a pizza topping!).

How Does The New Donation Flow Work?

This is what the new Donat like. To start, donors will be asked for the following information: 

- Email
- Donation Amount (And what currency it'll be in - chosen by the charity)
- If they want to be publicly anonymous (shipment information etc. will still be visible to fundraisers)
- Display Name
- Donation Comment

If a donor wishes to make their donation and proceed immediately to payment, they can use the Green "Just Donate" button on the left! If they would like to go through the steps listed on the left, they can click "Next" at the bottom, which will take them through all of the incentives they can donate towards!

Each incentive type will allow you to click for more information prior to verifying your choice in incentive. In the example above, I decide on the $100.00 reward (Which will increase my initial donation amount since this reward is more than what I originally put in!).

Then proceed to verify my Reward Selection on the next screen.

For Targets, I choose to try and complete the "Unlock Cookie Baking" Target Goal - Because who would doesn't love fresh baked cookies?! Once chosen, you can scroll down and click "Target Selected" (this campaign had many, many targets to choose from)

As for Polls, I decide to choose Pink as their potential future hair color :).

Once all of the options are chosen (or passed on), you will arrive at a confirmation screen of all of your choices. From here, you can choose to change any of the incentive choices you made or proceed to donation processing via PayPal, PayPal Giving Fund or Credit Card (Stripe).


We understand that change can be scary - but this is one change that has been requested since the creation of incentives on Tiltify! Once you get used to the new donation flow, we guarantee that this will not only encourage the use of Polls and Targets moving forward in your campaigns but will also make sure your donors are rewarded for their charitable contributions more often (and won't force you to try and keep track on a post-it note every time they forgot to check off a reward ^_^ - Trust me, we've been there too!).