For the St. Jude PLAY LIVE 2019 Season, we are excited to provide a couple additional overlay options to give your PLAY LIVE fundraiser a little extra boost! We have developed 3 different leaderboard overlays for you to choose from: Individual Leaderboards (for all campaigns taking part in PLAY LIVE), Team Leaderboards (for all teams taking part in PLAY LIVE), and Donors (for all of the donors in your individual campaigns).

Topics Covered

  • Individual and Team Campaign Leaderboards - Getting your Overlay URL
  • Donor Leaderboards - Getting Your Overlay URL
  • Adding your Overlay URL to your Broadcasting Software

Individual and Team Campaign Leaderboards

Leaderboards are a great way to fire up your community to try and overtake the top spots for this PLAY LIVE Prize Season! While any amount raised is still going towards an incredible cause, a little bit of competition can bring out the best of our communities (especially if you are just behind a friend on the leaderboards and want an excuse to take them down!).

To add Leaderboards to your livestream, you will first need your Overlay URL(s): 

- For the Individual Leaderboard:
- For the Team Leaderboard:

We've also added the ability to highlight your campaign on either leaderboard! To do so, you must add ?name=@YourTiltifyUsername at the end of the URL

For example:

This will also work for teams with the Tiltify team name!

For example:

Donor Leaderboards

Donor Leaderboards are a great way to generate that same competitive hype within your communities and to see who truly loves you the most! (Okay, maybe don't word it like that...)

In order to use the Donor Leaderboard, you will need to generate your personal Overlay URL, which will be similar to your campaign URL!

- Grab your Username & Campaign Slug from your Tiltify Campaign page & add it to: 

For Example: if your campaign URL is: - you will want "@vaecon/vaecons-st-jude-2019-campaign"

- This will create the URL: - capture this in your broadcasting software and you are good to go!   

Adding Your Overlay URL to Your Broadcasting Software

 For OBS:

Add a new Browser Source in the Sources section of your OBS
Once you select Browser Source it will ask you to provide it a name
After naming the source you should see the settings window (pictured above).
Set the URL to the Overlay URL you generated above (either Individual, Team, or Donor Leaderboards)
Set the Width to 325
Set the Height to 500
Press OK and it should appear on your screen!
If your layout is only setup for 720p, right click the layer --> transform --> fit to screen.

For XSplit:

  • At the bottom left of XSplit, press the "add button" on the desired scene
  • Select "Webpage..."
  • Set the URL to the Overlay URL you generated above (either Individual, Team, or Donor Leaderboards)
  • Press OK


Leaderboards are a great way to add a bit of competitive flare to your campaign - whether it is against other broadcasters or within your own communities via donors, use these tools as a way of uniting your community for the kids of St. Jude! Special thank you to @SantaDevs for developing these leaderboards - If you have any questions, please contact us at @SantaDevs or @WeAreTiltify on Twitter.