Connected Accounts settings are found under your My Account dashboard.  You can add/remove your Single Sign-On(SSO) apps and create personal apps.

Topics covered

  • Single Sign-On
  • Connected Applications
  • Your Applications

Single Sign-On

You can manage your connected accounts that allow you to easily log in to your Tiltify account from here.  Simply add or revoke access to update your account.

Your Applications

This is where you may create a New Application.  This will generate a new key that you can use to create your own securely connected app.

When creating a new application you will be asked for two pieces of information: 

  1. a unique name for your application
  2. a redirect url

After you have created an application you will see your app listed.

You can view your credentials by clicking on the view credentials link.  DO NOT SHARE THIS INFORMATION.

You can also delete your app at any time by clicking on the delete button.  

Connected Applications

If you have granted access to an external application, like StreamLabs, you will see the connection listed here.


The app dashboard allows you to manage your connected and created applications.