Monthly giving rewards is a way that causes can reward donors for giving over a year.  A fundraising event can create a seasonal pass that allows you to claim rewards you want over the life of a fundraising event.

Topics covered

  • What is a monthly giving reward?
  • How it works
  • Where can I find monthly giving rewards?
  • How do I claim a reward?

What is a monthly giving reward?

Monthly giving rewards are rewards that a cause can offer for your monthly giving. A cause can create them at any time during the fundraising event season.

How it works

Once you start monthly giving for a fundraising event you are eligible for any rewards offered during that season.  You may continue on the path to getting all eligible rewards no matter when you begin.  So if you begin on month 6 you would still be eligible to get the 12-month reward as long as you do not cancel your monthly giving.

Where can I find my monthly giving?

You can find monthly giving rewards on the monthly giving detail on your user dashboard - monthly giving.

How do I claim a reward?

  1. When you are ready to claim a reward click on the activated Claim now! button.  If the button is not activated then you are not eligible yet.
  2. After clicking on the Claim now! button you will have to complete the claim process by entering the required information.  By claiming the reward you are agreeing to the legal detail found in the claim flow.  
  3. Once the reward is claimed you will see a green Claimed button and you are done!

You are not required to claim rewards.  You may only claim the rewards you want.


Rewards are a fun way for causes to thank you for your continual giving.