Some causes allow for donors to set up monthly giving. This will allow donors to set up a way to support the cause each month automatically.


How to create a Monthly Donation


To begin a Monthly Donation, first go to donate to the cause. This can be on either a campaign for the cause or directly from their cause or fundraising event. If the cause has it enabled, select to [Switch to a monthly donation].

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After selecting that, you will be given the prompt below. Accepting this will have you continue the process to setup your monthly donation.

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Managing Monthly Donations

Monthly donations can be managed from your user dashboard. You can navigate there by either selecting [Personal Donations] on your dashboard landing page or selecting [My Account] from the dropdown menu in the upper right corner, then going to the [Donations] section.

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From there, you will select the [Monthly Donations] tab. This is where you will be able to manage your monthly donations, such as update credit card information or cancel your monthly donation (covered in other articles).


Monthly donations are a great way to support a cause in a worry free way. Have your donation automatically donated each month!