My Account settings are found by clicking on the "waffle" on the top left side of the dashboard.

Topics covered

  • My Account
    • Personal
    • Registrations
    • Monthly Giving
    • Connected Accounts
  • Delete Account

My Account


The My Account section contains your personal account information.  This information is private and not displayed anywhere on the public side of Tiltify. This is also where you would reset your password. For more information on account settings see Account


View and manage Fundraising Events created by Causes you are registered for here.

Monthly Giving

You can easily view and manage your monthly giving from this section.  For more information about monthly giving, see: Monthly Giving

Connected Accounts

Review your Single Sign-on accounts, any applications using Tiltify's API, and other third-party applications (StreamLabs, StreamElements).

Delete Account

This is the area that you can deactivate/delete your account.  If you have no campaigns and no team ownership you may completely delete your account.  Be careful as this not recoverable.  Otherwise, your account will be disabled and any user will be locked out of the account.