Not all of your information is publicly available. Information like your name, connected accounts, even stored payment methods, can be found in the My Account section of your user dashboard.


My Account

Account settings are found by clicking on the drop-down on the top right side of the dashboard. This navigation dropdown can be accessed from any screen in your user dashboard. By going to My Account, you can change options related to your more sensitive data.



The Account section contains your personal account information.  This information is private and not displayed anywhere on the public side of Tiltify. This is also where you would reset your password or delete your account. 

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View and manage your fundraising event registrations here. If you need to update your information or add any additional detail, please do so before the end of the event. Any missing registrations will also appear here to be completed. 

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You can easily view and manage your donations from this section.  

For more information about the donations section, see: Donations

Connected Accounts

Review your Single Sign-on accounts, any applications using our API, and other third-party applications (StreamElements). Graphical user interface, application, Word

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Messaging center

View and manage your messages on Tiltify. Use email frequency under settings to control how often you receive a digest of all messages on Tiltify.


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Donation Methods

You can easily view and manage your donation methods from this section. Currently, you have the options to add credit cards or a US bank account to use for making donations. Tiltify does not store your CC information, this detail is stored using Stripe payment processor.

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 You are also able to track the impact of your Amplify links in My Account. You can find more details about Amplify here: Amplify


My account is for the keeping your most personal information updated. This will not be seen on your profile but be sure to keep this updated if your personal information changes.

Want to find other people fundraising with Tiltify? Head over to our official Discord!

Need to start your fundraising journey? Head to to create your first campaign and support the cause you care about today!