Profile settings are found under your Account dashboard.  These settings allow you to customize your appearance on Tiltify.  

Topics covered

  • Profile 
  • Social/Website
  • Profile Page Overview


Under Profile you can edit your avatar and bio.  This is also where you can request an email to reset your password.

  • Avatar - your personal avatar that appears on your profile, your campaigns and on leader boards.
  • Bio - A short description to let everyone know who you are.  Maximum 500 characters.


In this section you can add your social accounts that appear on your personal profile page.

Profile Page Overview

When you or someone else views the public facing profile page, there is a ton of information available! Let's take a look. 

  1. Campaign(s) User is fundraising for
  2. Donate to active campaigns
  3. Charities being supported
  4. Total amount raised across all campaigns since account creation
  5. Team memberships
  6. Social media links


Your profile page is an amazing information hub to share with your community and donors, so they know all of the details of you fundraising endeavors.