Social media is an essential tool for content creators to connect and network together - but it's only useful if you know which account belongs to whom. This article will outline how to connect your social accounts to your Tiltify profile, making it easier to know who is who and how to contact each other beyond the Tiltify platform.

Topics Covered

  • Connecting your Social Accounts
  • Your Profile Page

Connecting your Social Accounts

When you first login, you will be automatically redirected to your account page. If you were already logged in, click on your profile image in the top-right hand corner --> Dashboard --> Account on the left-hand navigation bar.

Under Profile Settings (the default page for your account), you will see a list of social networks we connect with - including: Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Discord and Twitter. We also have a website URL section for those that also have personal websites they would like to link to. To fill in each section, click on it, fill in the information, and click save.

Your Profile Page

Once you have your social accounts connected, they will be represented on your Tiltify profile page! On this page, which will include the teams you are a part of and current/archived campaigns, you will now have a bubble that links to all of the social accounts you provided on your Profile Settings!


Social media makes the world go round - make sure you link your social accounts to your Tiltify account today so you don't miss out on potential networking opportunities!