Creating a team opens up many more opportunities to fundraise in new and exciting ways. Have a group of friends that all want to collaborate on a single campaign?  Want to start a campaign and have other fundraisers support you with their own campaigns?  Teams are the solution for you. This article will discuss supportable team campaigns!



Campaign Supportable Types


When in the Setup tab of your team campaign dashboard, there is an option to decide who is able to join your campaign. By selecting public, there will be an option on your team campaign dashboard to “support this campaign”. Anyone who clicks that has the ability to support your team campaign. If you want to restrict who can join the campaign, you can select the private option. Be sure to save changes after you have decided.




Supporting Team Campaign


If a team’s campaign is set as public, there will be an option to select “Support this campaign” on the campaign page. In the Incentive view, it will be at the top, as shown below. It will show underneath the media and existing supporting campaigns in the branding is set as media.

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If you are already a member of a team that has a team campaign already created, you can select to support your team during the creation of your individual campaign. If your individual campaign is already created and a team you’re on creates a team campaign, you have the option to support the team campaign in the information section of the setup tab of your individual campaign dashboard. Select the team you want to support, but make sure because this cannot be reversed.

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Supporting team campaigns are wonderful ways for your community to be both supporting and challenging within itself. Supporting teams campaigns are a way to make the team members feel extra connected to the team campaign because it’s still their own individualized campaign where totals are seen in the team campaign!

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