You can add team members to your team by either sending an invitation email or by allowing users to request to join the team by clicking on a Join button.

Topics Covered

  • Invite team members by email
  • Let users request to Join your team

Invite Teammates

After creating a team you can invite team members.  From the team dashboard click on edit from the team list.

Step 1 - Click on Member management in the navigation tab.

Step 2 - Click on Invite new members

On the upper right you will see...

Step 3 - Enter invite emails

A window will open.  Enter the email addresses of those you want to invite.

When you are ready, click on Send Invites.

Let users request to Join your team

You can allow users to request to join your team by simply turning the option on.  

Go to your Team overview page and click on Join option.

This will open the public/private option.  

You can select whether you want to allow anyone to request to join your team or make it by invite only.

As users request to join you will see requested memberships on the Management tab.  Accept the members you want to join.


As you can see there is more than one way to add members to your team.  Only invite members that you want to be part of your team.