Trying to understand where everything is can be one of the biggest pain points in navigating anything new. This article will outline the User Dashboard and what each of the tabs can do for you! Whether you are a first time user or a seasoned Tiltify veteran, there are various functions within the User Dashboard that you will likely use throughout your fundraising career.

Topics Covered

  • Account and Public Profile Settings
  • Account
    • Personal 
    • Registrations
    • Monthly Giving
    • Connected accounts
  • Public Profile Settings
    • Personal Details and Social Links

Account and Profile Settings

Fundraiser dashboard with My account and Public profile buttons circled.

When you first log in to your account, you will arrive on the dashboard overview page. On this page, you can review your campaigns, quickly access your teams, review your account settings (1) and set your public profile (2). On this tab, you can change various aspects of your profile, including your avatar, bio, and social/website listings.

Account Settings


Personal account details page with sections highlighted.

On the Accounts tab, you can add more personalized information about you, including your Personal details (Name) (1), Email (2), Password Reset (3), and mailing addresses (4). Additionally, this page is where you can delete your account (5).


Registrations page with the Registrations section highlighted.

On the registrations tab, you will see all of the Fundraising Events (1) that you have registered for. These registrations are created for larger events such as #StJudePLAYLIVE, #GuardianCon, and #GamingTuesday. Clicking on any of these registration links will allow you to edit your registration information (such as your mailing address, shirt size, date of birth), as these events typically mail out prizes to their top fundraisers.


Donations page with a list of donations and the monthly giving tab highlighted.

Donations (1), Review donations that you have made to fundraising campaigns while logged into your account. 
Monthly Giving (2) is a feature that allows you to create recurring donations to a particular cause. These donations will be charged 30 days after your initial donation and will continue to do so until you cancel your recurring contribution by clicking on the payment under the Monthly Giving tab and following the subsequent steps to cancel.

Connected Accounts

Connected accounts page with the Single Sign-On, Your applications, and Connected applications buttons highlighted.

Connected Accounts tab allows you to manage your Single Sign-On accounts (1), any applications (2) you may have registered to use the Tiltify API and Connected Applications (3) (StreamLabs, StreamElements, etc.).

Public Profile Settings

Profile Details and Social Links

Public Profile page with the Public details and Social links sections highlighted.

By selecting "Public Profile", you can edit your public-facing profile page. Here you can edit your Username, Bio and Avatar under Profile Details (1). You can add social media, website and other channels to share with your donors under Social Links (2). 


The User Dashboard is incredibly useful to know and understand. Make sure you update your profile after creating your account and remember all of the tools available on this page for your future fundraising endeavors!