Communication is an important tool for any fundraiser - being able to create ways to communicate directly with donors (and vice versa) can be an extremely useful tool for both fundraisers and users alike. This article will outline the built-in communication tools we have available on Tiltify.

Topics Covered

  • Contacting Donors: Finding their Contact Information
  • The Messages Tab: Allowing Users to Contact You

Contacting Donors: Finding their Contact Information

There are many reasons as to why you might want to contact a specific donor - including (but not limited to): verification of intent of donation, retrieving shipping information from someone that did not redeem a reward, thanking them for their support, etc. However, since donors can choose to leave their name as "anonymous" or choose any name in order to hide their identity, the best way to know you are contacting the right person is by retrieving their email address from the csv/spreadsheet file that contains every single donation made to your campaign.

Navigate over to the "Donors" tab of your Campaign Dashboard and click on "donor csv". This will download a csv/spreadsheet file of every donation made to your campaign, including more sensitive information such as email addresses and shipping information (if required for a reward). You can use the email address listed here to get in contact with any particular donor.

The Messages Tab: Allowing Users to Contact You

Contacting donors is essential for the success of many campaigns - but we do have a way for viewers to contact you as well! Under the video player of your campaign, there is a "Contact Fundraiser" button.

This button will open up a message form that will allow viewers/donors to send you a message!

Once sent, this message will appear on your Campaign Dashboard under "Messages". While we do not provide an internal messaging system beyond this, you can now use the email address provided in order to make contact with the user.


Keeping in contact with viewers is an important and often underrated element of charity fundraising - but with our messaging system, users have a much easier way of contacting you during your campaign, so make sure you check your Messages tab during your campaign so you don't miss out on anything!