Streamlabs, the #1 source for free streamer tools, has created a simple integration with Tiltify so you can use all of their tools in your next campaign! This article will outline how to get your Tiltify/Streamlabs accounts set-up and some of the basic uses of their platform with us. For a more detailed explanation of how to use Streamlabs, we encourage you to check out the tutorials on their website.

**NOTE: Tiltify does not manage or maintain the StreamLabs integration. For troubleshooting or issues, please contact their support!

Topics Covered

  • Creating a Streamlabs account
  • Streamlabs Integration
  • Streamlabs Alert Box
  • Streamlabs Event List
  • Streamlabs Donation Goal

Creating a Streamlabs account

If you have not already, create your Streamlabs account by going to and login.

Streamlabs Integration

In order to set up their Streamlabs integration with Tiltify, please follow these steps:

- Navigate over to Settings --> Integrations (or click this link: )

- On the Integrations page, click the "Link" button next to Tiltify. This will prompt you to give permission to Streamlabs to connect your Tiltify and Streamlabs accounts

- Once connected, the integration will default to your most recent campaign. If you need to change campaigns, click on "Manage" and choose the campaign you wish to have alerts for.

Once this is complete, your current notifications for personal tips via Streamlabs will now work for any donation made to the chosen Tiltify campaign! While we highly suggest you refer to Streamlabs tutorials on how to use their tools, we have included a small tutorial below on the three main tools that integrate with us: the Alert Box, the Event List, and the Donation Goal.

Streamlabs Alert Box

Under "Widgets" in the left-hand navigation bar, you will find the Alert Box, which is home to all of your pop-up notifications! - You can also click this link: 

The "Test Tiltify Donations" button above will test the Alert Box so you know exactly how your alerts will look during your broadcast.

Streamlabs Event List

The Event List is also integrated with our platform, which allows you to have a list of recent events on your overlay. 

This Event List can act as a pseudo donation ticker for your event so you can keep track of all the recent donations made to your Tiltify campaign OR you can integrate it with your regular Event List (which can track follows, subscriptions, bits, etc.) so you can have it track ALL the things at once.

Streamlabs Donation Goal

Streamlabs has also added the Tiltify Donation Goal bar as a tool for you to use during your campaigns!

Going from "All Widgets" on the side bar, scroll down and select "Tiltify Donation Goal".  You can customize the Tiltify Donation Goal bar to fit your branding! They also have Custom HTML/CSS enabled so tech-savvy folks can modify the bar to their liking. Once complete, you can copy the Widget URL above, insert it as a browser source, and you are good to go!


Streamlabs is an incredible set of tools any streamer would love to have at their disposal - and they're free! The use of their pop-up notifications and donation goal bar have proven to increase donations for any charitable campaign, so make sure you set up your integration with them today!