When your campaign is complete (or if you just want to stay ahead of the game), there are many reasons for you to want to download a complete list of all the donations made to your fundraiser. This article will outline how to do so.

Topics Covered

  • Why should I download my report?
  • How to download your report

Why should I download my report?

As the campaign organizer, there are many reasons why you should download your donor report. For major organizations, this report can serve as an individual breakdown of each donation for statistical purposes: number of donations made, peak hours for donations, frequency of donations, average donation amount, etc. can all be calculated from this report. The donor report is also the only place where you can view sensitive data such as names and addresses for Reward Fulfillment or email addresses to contact individual donors. These reports also contain transaction IDs, which can be used to identify donations and address any potential issues involving a particular one.

How to download your report

Navigate over to your Campaign Dashboard "Manage" tab (1) and click the "export csv" or m"export xlsx"  button (2). This will download a csv/xlsx file to your computer. Use whichever spreadsheet viewing program you prefer - but please keep in mind that this file contains sensitive information about all of your donors, especially if you are requiring shipping information for any of your rewards.


This is the only place campaign organizers can find the shipping information of donors that redeem any rewards requiring a physical address, so make sure you treat this information carefully! This file can also be super useful when determining what works/does not work, trends in donations, and what best works for particular communities - so consider donating your donor report and looking over some of those details to improve on your next fundraiser!